April 9, 2012

Keep on Tiling all the Way...

Good news everybody, the Hubs and I cranked out some major tile work over the weekend!  Since it's late on Easter Sunday, and all I want to do is crawl into some jammies and watch Mad Men on DVR, let's start with the easy one- grouting the floor tile.  Why was it so easy?  Well, because of those fabulous 24" length super long tiles.  There was barely even any grout to do, and it went super fast.

 For the record, this light cream/white color is not at all what I thought I was getting.  And this time I even got all scientific about it and brought a sample tile to the hardware store to match it to the actual grout color samples, not just the color bar they have located on the box.  I even spoke with an associate for at least 15 minutes debating my choice, although in fairness Ryder did dominate at least 10 minutes of that conversation.  ("What's your name? I'm Ryder? Your apron is orange.  I have an orange apron like that at home.  Do you like hammers?  Where is your hammer?  Etc....")

In the end we decided on a color slightly darker than the tiles to help hide dirt, I would have called it a light taupe or gray.  When I first started putting it on, it looked perfect.  Slightly darker, blended in nicely, I was thrilled.  It was sort of like this:

Sadly, this photo was taken by wetting the grout lines.  When I woke up the next morning and the grout had dried, it was  significantly lighter, I'd go as far as saying it was white.  Not at all what the actual color sample in the store had me believing.  Oh well, the Hubs thinks the lighter color looks great, and will especially work well when we get in the white tile and trim.  (Yes, he actually said that.  Then he suggested we go shopping for window treatments.)

 I'm still not thrilled with the prospect of cleaning the lighter grout, but we'll seal it really good which should help.  All in, I don't hate it, and I think it would be a disaster to try to redo, so it stays.  You can see the darker lines in the middle here, surrounded by the dry grout around it. 

 Enough of this floor already.  We'll get to the great white subway tile tomorrow.  How was everyone else's weekend?  Did you get to celebrate a 3 day weekend like I did?  Any traveling or visiting family?  Any house or yard work between family functions?  I'm proud to say that between projects I took a lot of downtime, and even got a nap or two in there which I'm sure hasn't happened since college.  It was fantastic and necessary, and now I feel refreshed and ready to finally finish this thing. 

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