The List

Turning this short sale into our home was going to be A LOT of work.  It all seemed so overwhelming.  So I did what this Type-A personality does best, I made a list.  It looks completely neurotic, but once it was all down on paper, it all seemed a bit more manageable.  We had a game plan, and we were going to tackle this house one project at a time.

So here it is by rooms, not at all in the order we plan to accomplish things. We're not naive enough to think that everything is going to go as planned, so there will be a lot of changes, and we definitely know this is going to take us a LONG time to finish.  It's always nice to have a road map though.  

(PS- We wrote this list before we moved in, so where we've decided not to do something I used strike through and where we added projects I just went in and added numbers.)


2. Fix Trim?
3. Fix Steps (Remove Chicken Wire) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
6. Install Hardwood Floor  Part 1  Part 2
7. Replace Light Fixtures
9. Wall Art/Accessories
170. Patch Popcorn Ceiling

Living Room (Inspiration)
11. Fix the Trim
13. Install Hardwood Floors Part 1  Part 2
15. Refinish Armoire Build New Console Table
17. Build Buy Book Shelves
18. Replace Lights
Living Room Deck
20. Power Wash & Stain
21. Move/Repair Storage Boxes
24. Build/Buy Gas Fire Pit Buy Table and Chairs

Dining Room
26. Install Chair Rail?
27. Paint Walls (Wall Paper?)
28. Paint Trim
31. Install Curtains
33. Install Wood Floor Part 1  Part 2
35. Wall Art/Accessories

37. Paint Trim
38. Paint/Refinish Cupboards?
40. Hang Curtains
48. Install Wood Floor Part 1  Part 2
50. Fix Under Cabinet Lights

Screened Porch
52. Build Sectional Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Guest Bedroom (Inspiration)
55. Paint
57. Replace Light Fixtures
59. Bedding
60. Wall Art & Accessories Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Main Bathroom
63. Paint
66. Install new trim

Laundry Room (Inspiration)
72. Paint
78. Sew Curtain and Sink Skirt

83. Build/Buy Play Table
84. Lighting
85. Curtains

94. Buy Rug

Kid Bedroom #2
95. Paint   
96. Bedding
97. Wall Art
98. Curtains
99. Rug
100. Chair/Daybed                  

101. Paint
102. Remove Rock Ledges
103. Build Side/Lap Computer Table
104. Curtains

Master Bedroom
106. Paint Room (Wall Paper?)
109. Re-stain Dresser and Armoire
111. Remove Rock Ledges
112. Install Windows
115. Wall Art/Accessories
175. Lower Bed Frame

Master Deck
116. Power wash and stain
117. Build Double Lounger
118. Sew Cushions for Double Lounger
119. Move & Fix Cushion Box
120. Build side table

121. Gut & Remove Wall
122. Build New Walls, Frame Door
123. Install Double Shower Head
124. Install Sheet Rock- Mud & Tape
125. Install Durock- Seal
126. Paint
127. Paint Trim
128. Tile Shower
129. Tile Floor
130. Replace Toilet
131. Install New Vanity (Build?)
132. Replace Light Fixture
133. Install Mirror, Towel Bar, etc….

Downstairs Bathroom
136. Paint
138. Tile Floor
140. Build/Buy Vanity?
142. Built-in Open Shelves

Exercise Room
147. Install Mirror
148. Install Wall Mounted TV
149. Install Curtains

Family Room
150. Mount TV
153. Paint/Refinish Trim
155. Refinish Hutch/Bar
156. Build Keg Nook

159. Power Wash and Stain Fence/Front Steps
160. Paint Front Door
161. Front Door Accessories
162. Fix Dip in Driveway
163. Stain Driveway
164. Stone Chimney
165. Landscaping

Garage/Furnace Room
167. Clean Out Garage
168. Organize Work Room
182. Increase Attic Insulation