About Us

Eight years ago my husband proposed to me in our brand new house, and our adventures in love and DIY began. In the next six years we spent countless hours, and literally our blood, sweat and tears fixing up our little 1920's Bungalow and turning it into a home.  With some help from family and the interwebs,we figured it out as we went along, and successfully tore down and built a garage, remodeled a kitchen and two bathrooms, added overhead lighting, attic steps, and countless other projects.  We've got cojones, so there's no job too big.  We'll read the book, watch the online video, and then get to work. 
Jason & I putting on the roof to our garage
Since I was 8 months pregnant by the time we finished our kitchen remodel (and sporting a tool belt slung below my monster baby belly), we are pretty sure that to our son, hammers and sawing sound like the comforts of being in the womb. 
Erin 7 months pregnant working on the kitchen remodel
Our little man Ryder is the life of our party.  He makes DIY a little more difficult these days, but we don't shy away from child labor.  Get to work buddy!
Ryder taking a break in the shade during our patio walkway project.

Just as our little bungalow was feeling like home, we stumbled upon a loveless short sale, and instantly fell in love.  Before we knew it we were pulling a Bradifer for Brandgelina, and put our sweet and comfortable bungalow on the market in favor of this strange and glamorous new one.  The days-away-from-foreclosure price made this the Forever Home we always dreamed of, but never thought we could afford. 

It's going to be a ton of work, but we have a plan.  We'll just follow The List, and check it off one project at a time.  We'll follow these rules as we go to keep the stress level down.
We started this 'lil blog to document our crazy adventures, or at the very least remind ourselves years from now how much work it is so that we never move again. Thanks for coming along with us for the ride!