August 12, 2015

Project House Tour- Part 2

Let the tour continue!  If you missed it, last post I showed you the new front of our big project house, as well as the Entry, Living Room and Dining Room.  Today, meet the Kitchen.

Which is a pretty big step up from where we started.


We added 12' to the back of the house to give us room for this amazing kitchen.

I tried to mix casual and traditional elements together to give this kitchen a beautiful but lived in feel.  The cabinets are Snowbound by Sherwin Williams, and the island is Black Magic.  I love the juxtaposition of white cabinets with black granite and black/gray island with white granite.

I LOVE how the elongated marble subway tiles turned out for the back splash.  Not too busy but just the right amount of interest and texture. Also, I always thought that pot fillers were silly, but I have a serious crush on mine and never want to live without one.  #FirstWorldProblems #I'mNotProud

Right off the kitchen is the Family Room.

 I actually built that mantel surround up at my cabin one weekend this spring.

  That hallway on the right leads back to the bedroom and bathroom, which is also accessible from the hallway at the front entry.

  Which used to look something like this:

The tiny bedroom on the left:

Is now this bathroom:
And here's the bedroom on the right:

  Which used to look like this:

We opened up that entire wall on the right and made the old entry way part of this bedroom which gives us this nice little step down into an office area.

And  removed a big strange closet where the bed is located now.

Can you believe that this view:

Is taken from the exact same location as this one?

So there you have it- the main floor.  Next time we'll head upstairs to the entirely new space!

August 3, 2015

Project House Tour- Part 1

Hi y'all!  It's been a long time coming, but I'm thrilled to finally share with you all some updates from our big bad house project!  Let me introduce you to my new baby.

It's hard to believe that she started out looking like this:

We moved the front door to the center, and of course added that second story, but all the windows stayed in the same location.  (The original front door is now the third window from the right.)

 Let's step inside, shall we?

Guests are greeted by the home's original fireplace for a warm, cozy entry.

Which used to look like this:

Right off the entry is the Living Room, which our existing furniture fit quite nicely into. 

This Living Room was actually the former Dining Room, back when it looked like this:

Use the windows to get a sense of the room, since those are in the original locations. 
Where there used to be a wall with a wide opening towards the kitchen, (on the right in the photo above) there is now this big, wide open space.
The 2 steps up was a tricky thing we needed to work around in this home.  You can see here how in the home's original floor plan there was a small step up next to the fireplace.

We opened up the floor plan and spanned that step all the way across the room.

Once again, I couldn't get enough of this West Elm capriz chandelier.  I just love how it brings a high end and elegant feel without being stiff and traditional.  I was afraid of picking the same fixture again in a new home, but I surveyed a handful of my stylish friends and co-workers and this one won out.  

 So that's a little tour of the curb appeal, the Entry, Living Room and Dining Room, with a sneak peak of the kitchen!  Stop back later this week and I'll give you the full reveal of the Kitchen, Family Room and the rest of the main floor!