April 19, 2011

Color Me Badd

I'm not even embarrassed that I still remember that amazing man-band.  Pure 1990's awesomeness. Seriously, if you need a pick-me-up to your day, search for the video "I Wanna Sex You Up" on You Tube.  Priceless.

I've been spending a lot of time lately thinking about which items in our house will go in which rooms of the new house, and from there planning the color pallet of each room.  John & Sherry from my favorite inspiration blog Young House Love are firm believers in having one cohesive color pallet throughout the house to make it feel bigger and more connected, and have posted the this full house color pallet for their new home.  Which inspired me to put together my pallet, which looks something like this:

I know what you're thinking... this isn't so much a color pallet as a rainbow. Let me explain, I don't plan to use all these colors in every room and make the place look like a bad Lady Gaga outfit. (Which sort of assumes that some of her outfits are good, and you know what they say about making assumptions...)  I have to work with as much of our existing stuff as I can, and in order to do that, I plan to use a combination of these colors in each of the rooms, so that the space is familiar and consistent, but each room can still have it's own look and feel. It might make much more sense to you represented like this:

See how there are consistent colors throughout the house, and then the same few accents get brought in in different combination in different rooms?  I'm hoping that the effect is a familiar pallet that is continuous and easy on the eye, but the different uses of the accent colors will bring a uniqueness to each room, rather than the whole house being one boring color. 

I'm actually quite impressed with how it all flows together, so it's time I stopped lying to you and showed you this:
That wonky Family Room on the end really does mess up the flow.   We already have a bunch of furniture and accessories that match this pallet though, so until we win the lottery we're going to have to stick with this.  It's at the basement of the house anyway, which currently has a cat door, so let's face it, anything is an improvement. Cat door you ask?

Yep, you heard me.  Cat door.  Jealous?

How about you guys?  Does anyone else look for a consistent color throughout their house, or would you rather sprinkle bits of color all through the house for variety?  Anyone else live and die by the Young House Love rules? In all honesty, I'm not sure that we'll stick to this pallet to the letter, as it seems all our ideas are changing constantly.  It's nice to have a concept or idea to start with though. 


  1. My house, as you already know, is a random rainbow and this post makes me feel like repainting everything. I'm sure Noel will love that idea :) Especially considering we've painted the dining room four times in the last year.

  2. Ha! That's why I spent 4 months really thinking the plan through, so I don't have to repaint a dozen times. Although if I had had the opportunity to paint it, I probably would have, so let's just call this the one time that waiting 6 months for the short sale to close works out in my favor! And let's be honest, I'll just repaint a dozen times anyway...

  3. We've been seriously considering a deep, dark, elegant red for the kitchen...a couple walls to give it that "separate" feel. I would agree, keeping the same color scheme throughout a visible area which does open it up to a perceptive "larger" look.