April 12, 2011

The Rules

We're forgetful.  Maybe it is the passing of time or the pride we feel in a job well done, but we always forget how hard taking on a DIY project really is.  It's sort of like how women can forget just how difficult pregnancy and delivery can be, just before they get pregnant with the next child. You conveniently forget, or you'd never do it again. 

Super frustrating DIY day when we discovered that behind the old wainscoting in the kitchen was not a nice clean wall that we could repaint, but what was left behind from decades old tile and motor.  Awesome. 

A throw us over the edge moment in The Bungalow's Main Bath remodel when we had no idea 
how to get the old 800 pound cast iron tub out of the house. 

So when we were dreaming of all the amazing projects and updates we could make in the new house, we had to remind ourselves how hard it would really be. I mean Lindsey Lohan trying to get out of rehab hard.  The late nights, the mess, the tools everywhere, the frustrating moments when the work comes to a stand-still because you can't figure out how to fix a problem... we were potentially looking at months and even years of that.  And since we always joke that we nearly get divorced with every project we take on (even though our record is over 100 projects to 0 divorces), we knew it would be important to set some ground rules if we were going to make it through this project alive.

The Rules

1.  A minimum of 1 day each week will be a Project Free Family Day.
2.  Never start a new project until we've completed the last one.
3.  Always take time off from projects to spend quality time with Ryder and make sure he is involved.
4.  When things go wrong, walk away.  We have our entire lives to finish this house.

They may seem simple, but we're the types that want desperately to finish a project, and plow full steam ahead to get it done as quickly as possible. Well, I'm that type anyway.  Hubs is the "plow full steam ahead until it becomes too much then totally abandon the sucker" kind of DIYer. We annoy each other in equal opportunity ways. :)   These little rules will remind us to always take stock in what's most important, and to take the breaks we need so that we can still enjoy spending time together in our new dream house. (Even if there is Sheetrock dust everywhere and holes in the walls.) 

Anyone else have a desperate need to complete a project as quickly as possible, and stop at nothing to do it?  Or are you the opposite, and start a project that you never finish?  Any tips on completing home improvements while you have little ones in the house?  We're going to need all the advice we can get.

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  1. I love your blog! Great entertainment and a super list to follow.....taking time to recognize what is "really" important throughout the projects certainly provides a balance.

    Your "to do" list for each room of the new house is......I hope you both have a very long life.....LOL