June 8, 2011

#14 & #19- The Living Room Reveal (So Far)

We have furniture, and I finally have pics to prove it.  So without any further ado, here is our work-in-progress Living Room:

 At this point we're working with what we have, so the love seat and two chairs, as well at the end tables and ottoman are all from The Bungalow.  The rug is a new addition though.  We actually had 3 different rugs down in this space before we finally found this one (shame on me for not documenting the process with photos), and in the end this one seemed to have the right color pallet, but wasn't too busy. To be honest, I'm not 100% sold on it yet, but after searching for literally months and hauling four different 8 x 11 rugs priced from $200-$600 into this space, I am the most happy with this option. Jason loves this one, and the phenomenal price ($120 for a 8 x 11 at Home Depot!) makes this a rug that we can definitely replace down the line if it still hasn't won me over and we happen across "The Perfect One."  The curtains are actually from The Bungalow as well, as we discovered just before the move that although you usually leave window treatments with the home, curtain panels are the exception as they are not directly attached or exactly sized for the space.  You leave the rods, but not the curtains, which is great news for us, at least for now, as they were a free and easy upgrade.

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Here's another shot of that console table that we showed you yesterday, wider to show the great new art we found at Home Goods for just $49.  We love that it feels natural without being too literal, and it includes all the colors from our pallet, while introducing a few new ones like the cool blue.  It's just so calming to look at.  We need to get something to the right side of this to balance it out a bit, but we'll wait until the perfect thing finds us.  I got that little plant for free at a recent spa grand opening, and potted it in an old utensil canister from my kitchen.  (I drilled a few holes in the bottom of it with a masonry bit to provide drainage.) Hurray for free decor!  Now let's just hope that I can keep it alive.

We're still working on different decor to sit on the fireplace, but we love the 2 vases on the left hand side that we found at Home Goods for just $30 for both.  The green picks up on the green tones in the carpet which we like, because we don't want to over do it on the rust and brown accessories. The birch on the right hand side we just had on hand and are using as a place holder until we find the right thing.

See that molding around the base of the fireplace?  It may look easy, but that guy gave me some serious anger management issues over the last week as I attempted dozens of times to cut the precise corners.  (Which ended up being a crazy 19 degree horizontal cut next to a 33.5 degree vertical cut.  I'm still not sure how I figured it out, but I did take the time to trash talk the fireplace once the cuts were successfully installed.  "You think you're so hot?  I own you!  I. Own. You!"

We actually almost didn't bring the armoire in the above picture to The Lodge, as we thought it had seen it's last day, but I think it may have found new life here, at least for now.  Behind those doors is our embarrassing little secret, a 27" tube TV.  Yep, the kind you can't even give away for free these days.  We don't watch a lot of TV at our house, so we really just use the one big TV down in the Family Room. It's nice to have a small TV in this room though on the occasion that Ryder gets to watch a little Sesame Street while I make dinner in the kitchen, or if Jason and I are having a South Park vs. Biggest Loser standoff at the TV downstairs.  Since I definitely don't want this giant (and not in a good way) TV on display, the armoire suits it's purpose and stays for now.  The color is right, and it's just rustic looking enough to fit.  We're going to give it some new rubbed bronze hardware which I think will make a big impact. 

This overhead view gives a better shot of the great colors in the rug.  I have always hated how our love seat and chair read a little pinkish beige in certain light, but as our motto, it stays for now.  We are definitely on the search for a view good throw pillows as well, so don't get all judgey just yet, these guys are temporary. 

As a reminder, here's the before:

Listing Photo

and the after:
Note to Hubby: Need better camera with wide angled lens for my birthday.  Love you.

Listing Photo
And after:

Wouldn't a wider shot with a better camera be so nice?  Love you Hubs. 

PS- You may have noticed a little switcheroo on the fireplace in the photo above.  I took the first photos in the morning before work, and then came home over lunch to take a few more with some different lighting.  In that time the Hubs and Ry had come home from the store with that light (yep that's a lamp that plugs in) on the right side of the fireplace, an item that I had previously nixed when we saw it out shopping together as "too red."  So when Jay brought it home from his solo trip, I knew he was really serious about it.  Then, to prove how far my little design clueless man has come, he says to me, "I know you think it's too red, but I was thinking that we could remove the red fabric and replace it with something more neutral, maybe with some greens in it to balance it out."  And you know what... I think he's right.  Don't worry, we'll blog all about it when we get there. 

(He's probably going to kill me for recounting that story by the way, because his buddies will all make fun of him.  But in order to do that his friends would have to admit that they spend time on their naked lady machines reading design blogs, and that would sort of defeat the purpose of mocking him.  So I'm going to bet he'll make it through this post unscathed.)

So what do you guys think?  I know it's a little tough with my small little camera, but I'm working on it.  (Wink wink.)  I promise to post better photos as soon as I can.  In the mean time I'll be sitting on my couch, which is located in the Living Room, which has a floor again.  All is right in the world.  Amen.


  1. Love the updates! And where do people (the old owners) find a brown and black leather striped couch. Yikes that's a bad idea!

  2. Many thanks for your article. All your choices are like out of a magazine.
    God bless you.