July 29, 2011

Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head

I thought I was going to spend this post today updating you on a few little things we have done to spruce up the Dining Room, but instead, I'm going to show you this:

Why yes, that is a big hole in my Dining Room ceiling, and yes, it's right next to our brand new West Elm capiz chandy.  If you guessed that our Bath Crashers Master Bathoom is leaking again... you would be right.

See those stains on the ceiling, and especially around the base of the light fixture?  Those make me very unhappy.

My parents were actually the ones that brought the expanding stain of doom to my attention.  In truth, I haven't spent much time thinking about this ceiling since I spent hours painting it after Bath Crashers left and patched the ceiling for the first time, and then hung the new chandelier.  But as my parents looked up to admire the new light, they noticed the stain, and when I went to touch the area, my finger went right through the soaking wet ceiling.  Super de dooper.

Our Bath Crashers producers immediately sent over the plumber who did the work on our home.  I love John, he's a really nice guy and he went out of his way to help us out during the filming.  He even fixed the outdoor water faucet at the front of our house while he was there at no charge.  John provided us with this little nugget of a quote, "The hurrier I go the behinder I get."  I definitely agree with John, completing a bathroom remodel in 3 days isn't the ideal situation.  6 weeks later, here is how the room looks:

Entrance to the bathroom and Jay's closet- doors were removed to shorten them so that they could open and close.  We're crossing our fingers that someone brings them back.

Bottom of this closet is a dusty and dirty tool storage.

Track lights were removed and replaced with two cheapo flush mounts.  I have a plan for these, but we need to patch and paint the ceiling first.

Pocket door still needs poly.

My closet is still exposed to the world.  We heard a rumor that they were bringing us new closet doors, but we haven't seen anything yet.

Back down in the Dining Room, the drywall guy who opened up the ceiling spotted the leak immediately.  It was a slow drip from one of the connections that wasn't tight enough, it's just been slowly dripping for 6 weeks. Once the drywall guy opened the ceiling this morning, John the Plumber came back to "fix" the problem.  He must not have checked his work though, because now it's worse than ever and water rains down from the ceiling like a faucet when the shower is on.

I get asked all the time if knowing what I know now, would I still do Bath Crashers, and the answer is definitely yes maybe.  The Hubs says "Absolutely not."  At the end of the day, we will have a space that is a million times better than the poo-sandwich that we started with, and we got it all for absolutely free. It's just going to take us awhile to get there. If I could change anything (beside making it perfect right away), I would have just managed my expectations a little more.  If I would have known that I was going to have to do a lot of work, and that the bathroom really isn't complete when they leave, that it could take months to finish, I might be a little more accepting of our current situation.  I'm just so impatient, and I just want to move into my Master Bedroom already. Or at least not have water raining down into our Dinning Room... is that too much to ask?


  1. It's not too much to ask. Although I bet in a year you wont remember how long it took and exactly how painful it was :) It will just be a memory and a free bathroom.

  2. Oh no! I hope things finish up quickly! Hang in there... I have a feeling the end result will be worth all the frustration!