August 4, 2011

Look What Sprung Up

If you remember back from this post, we were pretty excited to find earlier this summer that our back yard was full of perennial surprises.  The front yard wasn't quite as impressive, but my Dad did help by bringing up a bunch of red colored mulch, planting some calla lilies and elephant ears, and helping me transplant a few lilies to the sparse landscaping.  It wasn't perfect, but it was certainly an upgrade.
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June Landscaping Upgrades

June Landscaping Upgrades
As we've said before, the name of the game around here for 2011 is "wait and see what pops up." Surprisingly enough, our front yard had a few gems hidden in it as well.

If your name is Gary, and you are my Dad, overt your eyes to avoid the disappointment that your daughter still has not planted that hasta.

Not only did the callas and elephant ears come up nicely, but all those plants we couldn't identify (or couldn't even see in June), are now big wild flowers.

These little purple guys are funny, because they come up looking like nothing but a weed.  Luckily I got lazy and didn't pull any for a few weeks, and that's when I learned they were actually flowers.  Live and learn.

These guys look like they are going to bust out with something, but I don't know what yet.
I love the combination of the structure of the bed, with the fresh, red mulch, but the wild flowers springing out of it give it a nice balance.  A little structure, a little wild... Thankfully these guys don't seem to need a lot of water or attention either, because it took us a few months to fix the water faucet up front.  Beautiful and hardy?  That's my kind of landscaping.

What about you guys?  Any fun with landscaping lately?  I'll admit that I"m a total novice, but I'm hoping to bring a little more skill to the yard next year once I know what's all happening out there.  If anybody has any good tips or resources, I could use 'em!


  1. The last picture of plants, I have some of those too. I have no idea what they are called (I also inherited mine with the house), but mine bloom small purple flowers.

  2. Just saw your post from YHL - that very last picture is of Live Forever, which is a sedum variety. You've probably seen by now, but the flowers turn a nice red or purple in the fall.