August 8, 2011

Quick Spray Paint Update

Now that the new outdoor sectional is ready for a party out in the Screened in Porch, and the rebuilt deck box is looking more like a comfy sofa on the Living Room Deck, I can't help but eye up all the summer closeout sales for some complimentary outdoor decor.  We're all about saving cash for the big stuff right now though, (two more bathroom remodels, windows for the Master Bedroom, etc...) so for now I'm trying to find ways to do it on a budget.  Here's what we're working with on the Living Room Deck right now...

The Adirondack chairs came with us from The Bungalow, and the beverage cart I built with a modified plan.  The bright red beverage tub and plant don't seem to vibe with our cool blue & gray new couch though.  Nothing a $3 can of spray paint can't fix.

I slipped the plant out of the pot pretty easily, and hit the driveway with some boxes left over from the move.  Just between me and you, (the internet is a safe place to tell secrets, right?) I was a little over eager to start this project the minute I got home from work, so I got some pretty weird looks from my neighbors as I spray painted in my business suit.  I'm a freak like that. 

I almost forgot to wrap the handles, but caught myself and wrapped them up with painters tape before the spray began to fly.  A couple of thin, even coats later, we have this:

I went with a deep indigo color, so it wouldn't match exactly with the turquoise and gray of the couch, but compliment it and add another color to my palette.  (I'd love to add in a few of these deep blue pillows too.)  I've had a crush on this color for a few weeks, which was totally validated by this recent West Elm catalog.

 They love it too. 

I have to admit, when I picked out the bright indigo color at the big orange store, I had no idea that it would blend so well with the side of our house.  I was thinking "big pop of color," and I'm getting a little more camouflage here.  At least it's not red anymore, and I know I can make the change pretty easily again if I want to with another $3 can of paint.  For now it stays, and I day dream about adding other fun outdoor accessories to the mix.

How about you guys- anyone doing any outdoor decorating?  Anyone else out there shop the seasonal closeouts for stuff to use next year?  It's my favorite trick, because when you pull them back out to use for the first time next season, it's like getting something new all over again.  There I go telling you all how crazy I am again...


  1. Gotta love spray paint! And I LOVE that color! Do you still have the brand/color name?