November 28, 2011

The Ikea Off

Over the weekend the Hubs and I picked up a couple of Ikea shelves for the Living Room.  Since most Ikea furniture builds get pretty interesting around here (and by interesting I mean that the Hubs usually curses like a sailor and throws tools), we thought we'd make a little event out of it.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the first ever One Project at a Time Ikea Off.  We had two identical book cases, all the required tools, and the goal was to see which one of us could build it first.  The video is just under 4 minutes and sped up in places, so don't worry, you don't have to watch us build furniture for an agonizingly long 30 minutes.  I also included sub titles for those of you watching at work, but I would suggest watching with sound if you can to experience the Hub's full pain.


I'm still working on the styling of these, but here's how they look today.

 Are we the only ones that nearly get divorced after purchasing cheap, Scandinavian furniture?  Seriously, I think those marriage classes should include a big Ikea build.  If you have any great Ikea build stories, please share.  Consider this group therapy. 


  1. Excellent additions. They work perfectly there in those

  2. Oh yes, IKEA.... lol I have this insane drive to put together IKEA products myself. It's actually a little silly. But I drive my husband crazy with it. I always end up asking for help for at least a little piece of it just to keep him happy. lol

  3. Yup, assembling Ikea furniture together is right up there with wallpapering a tiny powder room...