December 12, 2011

#145- Let's Get Physical...

We're really kicking it on the Exercise Room now, here's where you last saw it, with a new coat of gray paint.

 But we still had this gross carpet.  There's nothing that can keep you off the floor and away from sit ups like carpet that smells like cat piss.

And while the Hubs can sometimes take ridiculously long home improvement breaks, once he gets something in his head, there's no stopping him.  So like the time that I came home from work and found him tearing out the carpet in the Living Room....

This time I came home from work and found the carpet completely removed from the Exercise Room. 

Efficient isn't he?  He also removed all the baseboards, and got started painting all the trim white.

For a moment, he thought maybe we should just paint the trim, and not the doors.  Bad idea Hubs.  Bad Idea.

I mean, I love you, but seriously. 

So we made quick work of that and slapped up the first coat of primer.

Now we've just to scrape all the glue off the floors and get started with the new flooring option.  Let's hope Jay stays motivated.

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