January 10, 2012

#180- Part 5: Did You Think the Doors Were Finished?

Even though I showed you the big reveal of our new wardrobe doors yesterday, there were still a few details that I needed to attend to once they were up.  The tracks were working great, and surprisingly enough my design had worked perfectly the first time, sliding smoothly.  The only problem was that without a stop at the end of the tracks, they could also slide right off.

So my first plan was to use these rubber bumpers wedged up in the track so that the wheels would find a soft, tough landing. 

 I couldn’t get an angle on screwing these into the metal tracks in any way, so I tried Gorilla Glue and clamps. And by clamps I mean clothes pins, because that’s all I had that would fit.


 I’ll save you the suspense- it was a big fat fail.  One day later my doors pushed right through the rubber bumper and derailed like Britney Spear’s career.  So the next time around I got a much more sturdy solution, cutting a piece from one of the wardrobe shelves we weren’t using.

I just had to iron on a bit of veneer for the unfinished edge, and stain it to match once it was up and secure.  

 Then I had to deal with the issue of the bottoms of the doors.  The top tracks glided smoothly, but since there was no track along the bottom, the doors could pull forward at the bottom and bump into each other. 

 My tracks came with these bottom spacers, which just happened to be a good matching color for the tile.  The only issue was trying to drill through the tile in order to secure them.  After about 20 minutes with a masonry bit, I caved and went to buy a $7 porcelain tile bit.   It still took a good 5 minutes per hole to bore through each hole in the tile, but I killed the time by jammin' to a little Beastie Boys.  Why?  Why not?

The end result is barely noticeable unless you're up close like the photo below, and trust me, the doors glide like butter. 

And that my friends is the real end of the wardrobe door saga.  Promise.


  1. Thanks for sharing all the nitty-gritty details! I love your blog, great projects and great writing about them. I read you every day! Keep up the good work!

  2. Awh shucks- thanks Amanda. I've definitely been grappling with whether or not to keep this blog up lately (it's a lot of work!), but comments like yours really help. You made my day!

  3. And if you don't like then, hey,...

  4. I love your blog, Erin! It is super inspiring. I am constantly telling my husband about all the amzing projects (we are soooo NOT handy and he is probably sick of me rubbing it in, but seriously -- it inspires us). I am continually impressed at how you manage to do it ALL --- with a "real" job and a husband and a kid and ALL of it! Please keep it up. I look forward to all of your updates.

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