February 17, 2012

#138- Part 1- Shower Floor Tile

Now that all the glass tile is up in the shower and grouted, it was time to work on the floor tile.  Remember back in this post when we saved the old shower form by simply chipping off the old tile?
Wow- Look at how far we've come in such a short time!

We were left with about 1/4” of space between the bottom of the shower pan and the top of the shower drain, which meant our tile could be no thicker than 1/4” or we wouldn’t drain properly.  We started to get pretty nervous when there was no tile that thin at any of the big box stores by our house- (Lord save us if we were going to have to somehow chip that drain out of the concrete and pour a new drain!)  Luckily The Tile Shop had a couple of options.  And by that, I mean two.  There was a hex tile and a penny tile that could fit our specifications, and nothing else.  Good thing we loved the gray penny tile.

We only had 9 square feet of space, and the tiles came in 12"x12" sheets, so it all went really easy.

 It was even super easy to cut the mesh in between the tiles to account for the drain.  If only the whole bathroom had been this easy.

And the next day we grouted with a light gray.  You'll have to excuse this iPhone photo, my camera battery was dead.  Also, the floor tile was wet from trying to install the shower back in, (more on that next week), so the grout looks a lot darker here than it will.  I've failed you on the after photo folks- forgive me.  I'll catch a better one for you soon.


  1. Looking good! Your penny tile is the same that Young House Love used on their backsplash! It's popping up all over!

  2. I noticed that it was the same tile too! Totally unintentional, as I mentioned we only had 2 choices that would even work, and that just happened to be one of them. The hex tile came in a bright white, and we like the subtle gray much better!

  3. Bathroom is really coming along, Erin. Looking good! We're gearing up for a bathroom remodel too, but we'll be adding a brand new shower by bumping into our laundry room (similar to what the previous owners of your house did). I won't be detailing every step on my blog so I'll link over here for your tutorials on tiling, etc. Looking forward to seeing your finished project!

  4. Thanks Robin! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with for that space. We have yet another bath remodel coming up right after this one, and its always great to get inspiration! Good luck!

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