March 22, 2012

The Floor Tile

The problem with tearing everything out of the bathroom, is that you have to put something back in.  So the Hubs and I took a little break from all the work and did a little shopping.  Our first stop was The Tile Shop, to try to find floor and shower surround tile.  For the floor, we were drawn to more neutral colored tiles, with a modern finish/texture.

These 18" x 18" tiles had a great grid like texture to them.

 This option was a little more toned down.


I really liked the natural feel of this piece with the linear lines.

I loved the extra long length of these tiles, but the gray finish was a little boring, and looked like it might look dirty on our floor.

But we weren't thrilled with anything, especially with the $6-$7 per square foot price point.  So we kept our options open, and moved on to our local Menards store, where we saw came across these beauties in the close out section.

Yep- you are reading that right, they were only $2.78!  That price is not per square foot, but per tile, which at the 12" x 24" size means that these guys were only $1.39 a square foot!  That was more than this cheap skate budget conscious DIYer could handle- I couldn't get them in my cart fast enough.  When I got up to the check out, I was told the price was wrong.  I was bummed, but sort of expected it, I mean that price was way too good to be true.  The cashier clarified that the price was actually $2.50 a tile- less!  I paid as quick as I could and raced out to the car like they were going to change their mind.

One major decision down, about a dozen more to go.  Now if only we could get to the point where we were ready to put them in.  We've got a long way to go before then though.   Dear Lord help us get through this one.


  1. Great job! We splurged for the tile in our master bath by skipping on the tile elsewhere, opting for the Home Depot special in those areas.

    By the way, the tile that looks dirty? That's great because then it's not obvious when you're overdue for a mopping. ;-)

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