March 19, 2012

Oops- We Did it Again

There goes the neighborhood!  This is now the 6th time a dumpster has been placed out in our driveway in the eleven months since we've lived here.  The neighbors must be ready to kill us, but I swear in the end we're helping their property value.

Yep, it's time for the third and final bathroom remodel.  But first we took some pretty big precautions to make sure that we didn't damage the house in the midst of our demo process.  Like this sticky carpet and floor protector film.

And the cardboard and extra floor rugs we taped down in the entry way to make sure we didn't damage our beautiful new hardwood floors as we carried garbage out of the bathroom out to the dumpster.  

But this plastic sheathing over the door was our best time spent.  By taping the sheet all the way around, and over lapping the panels in the center, the plastic is always closed over the door, not allowing any of that dust and nastiness to enter the rest of our home.  I taped off the edge of each panel so we knew where to find the exit. 


But my favorite little tool is this 3M mat that has a sticky layer that catches the dirt off the bottom of your shoes when you leave the room- genius right?  And to make it even better, there are 15 sheets on one mat, so you can just tear off the top layer when it's collected too much dust and there's a fresh one underneath.  No- 3M didn't pay me to say anything about this product, (they likely don't know I exist), I just get ridiculously excited about home improvement miracles like this guy. 

So let's take one last moment to say goodbye to the rain cloud and grass tile shower...

The pink, goopy textured walls...

The gross white tile with nasty brown grout...

The tiled counter top and baby-sized sink...

And the wall of mirrors and blinding light bulbs...

We're clearly saddened by the thought of it all going away.

So here we go again... we're crazy.  Things have to get worse before they get better,  so get ready for a hot mess coming up.  Cross your fingers!


  1. Oh my...that bathroom is hideous....forgot all about the shower door with the raincloud.....can't believe someone actually bought that and installed it......say...Cheeeese :)

  2. What! You're saying goodbye to the raincloud and grass tile bath? That's just crazy talk! I'm in the process of installing one right n---- Nope. I can't keep this going. I can't even joke about it. Get it out of there!!!! hahah! Good luck!

  3. Wow, that is a hot mess of a bathroom. And that 3M mat sounds brilliant. Can't wait to see how it turns out!