June 1, 2012

Nursery Planning

It seems like at first we were waiting for-ev-er to plan the nursery, based on whether our little nugget was a boy or a girl. Now that we are confirmed that Boomer is a little man, (as Big Bro Ryder has nicknamed him) time is flying and I really need to get working on this Nursery.

I really wanted his little oasis to fit the vibe of the house (modern natural, rustic). So far, here's the plan:


Let's start at the bottom with that fun orange and cream zebra striped rug I found for just $110 on sale on Overstock.com.  The comments said that this rug reads more rust colored and less bright orange in person, and I'm hoping that is the case, but we'll find out when it gets here in a few days. Until then I'll be stocking the neighborhood for the FedEx truck.  

We already have a natural colored crib, (although not as fun an modern as this squared off version, it will do the trick), and a matching natural colored dresser that doubles as a changing table.  Once the rug comes in I plan to make/buy a fitted crib sheet and changing table pad cover in a orange/rust, as well as a oatmeal/flax color.  I'd love to whip up a chevron printed crib shirt in a khaki or hunter green as well.   

I'm going a bit nontraditional in the chair department, and actually making a daybed.  Bare with me now, here's the thing- we had a chair in Ry's room when he was a baby, and I hated it.  Perhaps it was that the back didn't come up high enough to support my head, but I found myself laying a blanket on the ground and nursing while laying down each night for feedings.  A daybed will give me the option to both sit against the pillows with my feet up, and lay down if I choose.  It can also be a fun place where Ryder, baby and I can all cuddle up for a book before bedtime.  Plus, being the cheap frugal person I am, I hate the idea of buying a new chair that would be comfortable enough to nurse in, but likely wouldn't end up in the rest of our house after we are through with the baby stage.  A daybed can very easily become a toddler bed though, so there's no waste.  I've always been a huge fan of this one from West Elm, and nearly jumped out of my pants when I saw that my hero Ana White had this project plan to build one myself.  

I do plan to spurge on this daybed mattress cover from West Elm in Flax that makes the piece look more like furniture and less like a bed.

At this point I plan to paint the walls in a natural beige color, but hope to have some fun with those triangle wall peaks (now blue) by maybe adding a thick stripe pattern.  I still have to mock it up to see what we're dealing with before I commit though...

I haven't settled on any placement yet, but art like the big, Old-World map mural as well as the animal alphabet prints I found on Etsy would fit the vibe nicely.  I also love the idea on using our jig saw to cut out a few animal head profiles, which I think is a fun and modern version of the mounted, stuffed animal head. 

So that's the plan so far- what do you think?  Other than ordering the rug, we haven't gotten anything started yet, so I'm getting pretty anxious to get moving.  (Especially considering that I have a bed to build!)  Let the nesting begin!


  1. AnonymousJune 01, 2012

    The nursery is going to look awsome, you and Jason are very handy:)

  2. I love the animal head cut-outs instead of the faux mounted heads.

  3. AnonymousJune 05, 2012

    I love the daybed. I kept a single bed in my son's nursery also. It was great for nursing and small naps. Visiting from Young House Love.

  4. I love pretty much everything on your mood board.

    The DIY bed will be amazing (I don't know where you have the energy - im barely making it work alive)

    Its hard to get a sense of what the room looks like from the photos. I think I might want a little more color on the wall but I can totally see where you are going with the pale color as well. I tend to like rooms that have lots of light with pale wall colors but thats just me.

    I can't wait to see how this room unfolds. Maybe I can steal a few ideas from you. :)