September 14, 2012

Sewing Nursery Decor

After I successfully created Sewing Project #1- three crib sheets for the Nursery, I was feeling pretty confident in my ability to create my own Nursery fabric décor.  I hunted online for the perfect combination of fabrics at a low price.   And as usual, I over did it.

Sewing Project #2- Contoured Changing Table Cover.  I used this tutorial I found online, which was very easy to follow.  I went with a super fun houndstooth pattern that I found at, which was the perfect combination of modern and rustic hunting lodge that I was looking for.  I made just 2 of these (in the same fabric), as I learned from a smart mama my first time around that if you keep a pack of old school cloth diapers in your diaper drawer, and throw one of those on top of your pad each time you change baby, you’ll keep your pad clean 95% of the time.  It’s easy to toss the cloth diaper in the hamper each time, and you’ll always be changing baby on a clean surface.  Genius.

Sewing Projects #3- Boppy Covers.  I loved my Boppy feeding pillow and used it daily for the first year of Captain Chaos’ life.  My only cover was a bit stained though, not to mention lime green with polka-dots all over, so I picked up some rustic looking and soft flannel fabrics in orange, rust, tans and creams.  I used this pattern to make my first cover, but to be honest I wasn’t thrilled with the final result, as the fit is pretty baggy.

Good thing I saved my favorite flannel fabric for attempt #2.  This time I used my Boppy and just traced the outline right onto my fabric with a 1/2” extra.  I only traced half of the Boppy and placed it on the fold so that when I cut it out both sides would match up perfectly.  The fit on this one turned out perfect, so I’ll use this one the majority of the time, and only switch when it needs to be washed.

On to the daybed.  From the start I really wanted this piece to feel more like a couch or piece of furniture than a bed, so the key was to find more substantial cover for the mattress, and not use a standard fitted bed sheet.  I originally found this one online at West Elm, and ordered it twice, (yep, you read that right), but both times they sent me a box spring cover instead of a daybed cover, until finally I was told that the Daybed Cover is now discontinued and not being sold.  (P.S.- Looks like they haven’t informed their website yet, because it still allows you to purchase one.  I wouldn’t recommend you try though, unless you enjoy waiting weeks to receive a product that never actually comes.)  After West Elm confirmed that they didn’t sell the product that they sold me twice, I did a web search for tutorials on how to make one.  The idea is easy enough, but I knew it would be the large amount of high quality fabric that would kill me.  That’s why when I stumbled upon this burlap cover from World Market online, I practically threw my credit card at the computer screen.  I love the corded edges which make the piece look more finished and like a custom cushion.  The burlap is really soft (I’ve already napped on it a couple of times), but it is quite thick and durable too so I know it will hold up to the wear and tear. 

Sewing Project #4- Daybed Pillows.  With the mattress covered, it was time to make that bad boy more comfortable.  Much to the Hub’s disappointment, I’m a pillow hoarder, but in this case it was a huge benefit because I happened to have 6 pillows left over from past décor that were just waiting for a new life and a new home.  I sewed four 20” x 20” squares, and two 17” x 13” smaller rectangles.  I didn’t get to fancy because I wanted them first and foremost to be comfortable, and let’s be honest- I was already over doing it. Luckily I had a ton of zippers left over from the West Elm Outdoor Sectional Cushions project, so all of the pillow covers can easily be removed and thrown in the wash if baby (or I) make a mess.

And to my surprise I also found in storage a couple of rust orange pillows that I had made back in the Bungalow which work perfectly with the color combination and give the piece a more cohesive feel.  Score 10 points for hoarders!

Sewing Project #5- Crib Skirt.  It took me a long time (and a couple of misfires) to find the right modern, geometric pattern to cover the space in the crib when the mattress is adjusted all the way up.  (Hooray for’s completely free return shipping.)

I didn’t follow a tutorial on this one, instead I first cut a piece of scrap fabric to the exact size of my crib mattress (well, just a few inches less so that the scrap would always be hidden under the mattress.) Mine was 68.5” x 43.5”.  I actually used the old yellow curtains that the previous owners left behind in this room as my scrap.  Free = Good.  Then I cut two 13” x 70” and two 13” x 45” pieces of the good fabric for the skirt. (I added .75” on each edge for a clean hem, or 1.5” total to the length.)  I ironed a 1/4” hem on three sides, and then folded it up again and ironed another 1/2” hem so that I’d have a clear and straight hem line on all exposed edges.

Once ironed, I stitched 1/4” from the edges on all three sides of each of my 4 pieces.  Then I pinned the skirt pieces onto my scrap (right sides together) and sewed all around.  

Bam- crib skirt!

 I still have one more sewing project to share, but let’s save that for later since there’s only so much sewing boredom I can put you guys through in a day.  I have to admit, I definitely prefer a table saw to a sewing machine, but when it comes to saving a buck, you can’t beat the price of DIY.  I spent $67 total on fabric for this Nursery, and from that made 3 crib sheets, 2 changing pad covers, 2 Boppy covers, 1 crib skirt and 6 pillows.  Considering I could have easily spent $67 on 2 throw pillows, I’m going to have to go ahead and proclaim myself the winner on this one.  I’m loving how all the fabrics and textures are coming together, and I can’t wait to get things up on the walls next!


  1. Cute! Love how the colors are coming together!

  2. Thanks for the update today--I was wondering what a boppy pillow was. The nursery is coming along beautifully and it's very original, too.

  3. I just adore the orange details. :)

  4. "Score 10 points for hoarders." Love it! Thanks for the validation. :-) The nursery is looking great!

  5. I love the bedskirt! I think I may attempt the same process for a queen-sized bed (using a flat sheet as the middle panel and attaching fabric to it)?