December 12, 2012

DIY Hooded Bath Towels

Full disclosure, this is not a project that I completed myself, but my super talented and crafty Aunt Karen just created some gifts for my boys that I had to share.  Here's our little product model now:

 Give us a spin buddy...

 Isn't it awesome?  She made this hooded towel with just a regular bath towel and a matching hand towel.  First you just cut your hand towel in half, leaving a finished, trimmed edge on each piece. Set one half aside to use for another project.  Take the half you are using for this project and fold it in half again, with the good side facing in.  With your sewing machine, stitch along your cut edge to create the hood shape.

 Then you can stitch your hood to the center of your bath towel.

If you're fancy like my Aunt Karen, you can use fabric or bias tape to create a decorative edge around the hood.

Or take it to the next level by sewing on a cool design or patch on the back.  Ryder is obsessed with his Superman, and since he got it he has been using it not just as a towel but as a cape and a cuddle blanket.  Word to the wise- don't take away the kid's Superman towel.  Ever.

What I love about these towels is that they are a little bigger than most hooded towels you can buy in stores, so they are perfect for your growing kiddos.  And they magically turn you into a super hero.  Obviously...

 How's that for a creative, yet easy DIY gift?  These would be fantastic as a baby gift or even a birthday gift for older kiddos.  I love that you can make these as simple or complicated as you like, so even if you're not as crafty as my Aunt Karen you could make a simple one with no trims or embellishments out of a fun patterned towel and it can still be cool.  What do you guys think?  If anyone ends up making one of these, send me the pics and I'd love to add them to this post!

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