February 25, 2013

This Bathroom Hates Us

It's official- we're cursed.  Our Bath Crashers Master Bathroom hates us.  In the latest installment- the vanity lights that used to look like this:

Now look like this:

The bulb burnt out, which for normal, non-cursed people is an easy task.  But for the Hubs and I, not so much.

We've discovered that this fixture holds only Xenon bulbs.  After trips to 4 different hardware stores, we also learned that it takes the type of Xenon bulbs that no one seems to sell.  So I headed out to the internet, because they sell everything.  


Apparently a T4 Xenon bulb is like a humble actor at the Oscars- impossible to find.  After a ton of searching, I finally found a little shop that appeared to sell them, so I forked over my 20-some dollars and waited a week in the dark for it to arrive.  

Then this happened:


Even though these came up under a Xenon search, they are indeed Halogen, and my fixture specifically says not to replace with Halogen bulbs.  So we go back to the drawing board.  In fact, I'm not officially sure what to do at this point.  There seem to be lots of places online that sell Xenon 50 Watt bulbs in a bayonet base in the T3 size.  Maybe I'll purchase that and see if it fits.  Any one else have lights like this at home and have a suggestion?  Of course these couldn't have just been regular lights... that would have been too easy!  

PS- For those of you thinking that we are slacking off on the Family Room remodel- you are mistaken my friends.  We've been working our overly tired butts off down there, and I'll have an update for you this week. It's insanity down there.  How do we keep getting ourselves into this?


  1. Boooo! Design shows should come with a lifetime supply of bulbs if they have the letter "X" in them!!

  2. The Light Center in Fort Collins, CO, sells an enormous selection of bulbs. Perhaps they have what you need. What the staff doesn't know about lighting probably isn't worth knowing. We're impressed with them and the store. Their website is www.lightcenterinc.com.