August 2, 2013

The New Cabin Living Room

The first big project at the Cabin is done.  Goodbye ugly floral wallpaper and painted over emerald green paper...

Hello happy blank pallet:

 Obviously we have a long way to go, but the room already feels more peaceful and relaxing.  We put up 1 more coat of primer, and then one coat of Behr Paint + Primer in one in Aged Beige.  Usually I stay away from anything named "Beige," as it often has a pink undertone, but this color reads a creamy, light gray or stone in the room. Which I think is just perfect, and will pop even more with the addition of white trim.  

What's that- you noticed a small furniture upgrade?

We found a couch, loveseat, 2 chairs and a rug on Craigslist for just $300, and we swooped them up faster than you can say "Our current couch has fleas."  Remember this guy?

If you think this image looks bad, you can't even image what it looks like up close and in person.  Each cushion weighed at least 20 pounds, 16 of which had to be human skin cells.  It itched like crazy and smelled of cigarette smoke.  And as if the thing wasn't offensive enough, it kicked us in the shins on the way out.  As we were carrying the thousand pound monstrosity out, the Hubs and I noticed that the "wood" of the couch was sticking to us.  I tried to control my gag reflex as the Hubs yelled at me to get it together and keep going.  When we finally set the piece down, we saw what that jerk of the couch left behind.

I'm not sure what it was, old varnish, Old English... either way it left it's decorative imprint all over our arms and clothing.  A-hole.

I couldn't be more thrilled that it's finally gone.  Usually it wouldn't be my choice to have a matchy-matchy couch and love seat, but in this case, it's a cabin.  The primary goal is to have a lot of comfortable seating so that we can all sit together in this main space.  Plus it was a fantastic price and in great condition, so we're pretty much just counting the loveseat as "free."

And if you're questioning the blue couch choice, here are a couple of inspiration pics that show what we're going for.


Yeah- we have a long way to go, but the removal of the Death Couch was a great start.  These super comfortable chairs that came along with the set are great too.  The big window on the outside wall doesn't leave a lot of room for furniture, but these chairs flank the window nicely without obstructing the few.  They are slightly bigger than a slipper chair, Ryder and I can fit on one comfortably, and did I mention that they are supper comfortable?

I can't wait to get a window treatment on this big guy.  A little end table and standing lamp in the right corner will help too.

P.S. Try not to judge the window box air conditioner and 1990's tube TV.  We're considering both a necessity at this point, and we'll deal with it down the road.  We'd love to get a flat screen up on the wall to the right of the window eventually, but this big black box of Disney movies will do for now.

This rug also came with the set, and for now we think helps pull the pieces together.  A big, upholstered, sand colored ottoman in front of the couch should help bring it all together, not to mention provide a temporary place to store all the toys our little guys travel with. 

 Getting this room together should at least help us relax in the space for the time being, and take our time to work on projects outside while the weather is still nice.  Did you hear that Hubs?  Outside please.  No more random wall paper pulling.   Please and thank you.


  1. The way you write is awesome. As are your DIY skills. That couch was definitely an A-hole. But seriously, how cool is it to have a lake cabin??? This room looks so much better already; can't wait to see where you take it!!

    1. Thanks Hilary- that's so sweet! I can't wait to see where this guy goes either. It's a little too close to the "just getting started" side for my taste, but this baby will be a test in patience!

  2. Oh my gosh. That couch residue is disgusting!

    1. I can't even tell you... I have nightmares about it.