January 29, 2014

More Wallpaper?

It's about this time in the process, wallpaper room #4, that I realize that this place just might beat me.  You know when you watch those house hunting type shows online, and you see families that write off a home quickly because of the wallpaper and the paint, and you're (or at least I am) nearly yelling at the TV- "That's totally fixable!  You can easily change wall paper!"  

I was wrong.  Dead wrong.  

Wallpaper is an incessant,  unyielding beast.  Luckily the results usually provide such an exciting and drastic change that your efforts are rewarded and you get a second wind to tackle the next beast.

Cue the next beast.

There isn't a ton of blue country floral wall paper in the kitchen, but don't let her fool you.  


She'll put up a fight.

Back during our crazy wallpaper pulling party we yanked down the top, vinyl layer of this paper.  If came down pretty easily, so we were left with this slightly furry paper backing on the walls for the last few months.  Again, I'm not proud of myself here, but I'm making up for it.

Finally it was time to get out the steamer and remove the backing.  Little did we know that she had a insane little surprise for us:


That photo doesn't really do it justice though, these photos give you a sense of how truly tangerine we're talking.

I'm told that Coppertone, the color of the range hood below, was all the rage in the early 60's when this cabin was built, and that it was frequently paired with this bright orange. 

So this is the rare example of when ugly wallpaper is cleanly removed, and your walls look even worse than when you started.

This cabin may be the death of me.  But I'm not giving up yet.

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  1. We have the exact same cabinet fronts! Boy, those were popular back in the day.