May 3, 2011

Laundry Scrubing Inspiration

I'll be the first to admit, I have a completely unhealthy infatuation with my new laundry room.
Before the little ugly bugger even had a washer and dryer in it, I was completely smitten and in love.  No, it's not the seen-better-days storage cupboards, or the electric blue counter top, or the stained and nasty wash tub.  It's mostly a combination of that window (main floor laundry with natural light!) and all that potential.  I've been searching my favorite design blogs for inspiration, but you'll have to forgive me as I just took screen shots of these images, and I can't remember exactly where they are all from.  I promise to get better at linking back to each site, but it's fair to say most of these images are from House and Home, Apartment Therapy or DIY Network, since that's where I spend most of my online time. So far I'm loving these:  

This is mainly what I imagine for my space.  Beautiful, front loading washer and dryer and a nice crisp, clean color on the wall that makes the simple, white cupboards pop. The wall color in this photo is a lot like Martha Stewart's Rainwater that we recently painted it with.  I'm personally not a fan of the platforms under the washer and dryer, I'd rather keep them low and span the counter top over them to provide lots of great folding and stacking space.

I love how a clean, modern print window valence can add a lot of design to an otherwise simple space.

This laundry is a Sarah Richardson design, and I love, LOVE her idea to skirt the laundry sink.  I previously thought that one of our big expenses in this room would be to replace that sink, which would be a shame considering that we'll use this sink to clean up after all sorts of DIY messes (think paint, grout, stain, wallpaper paste, etc...) and I kind of like the idea of having a dirty sink that we don't have to worry about ruining.  I could definitely use the same retro fabric for a window valence and sink skirt since they are on opposite sides of the room to bring modern design to a simple space.  A simple rack to hang scrub brushes and various tools above the sink would be perfect.   I also love hanging the ironing board proud on the wall as a work of art, especially if I can get a great pad that coordinates with the room.   The fun, mod rug in black and white is the icing on the cake, and would certainly help me hide the gross tile until I have time to change it.  

This dutch airer I saw on Apartment Therapy had me at hello.  I love to air dry clothes when I can to save on energy and avoid ruining my clothes, but there are only about 6 months out of the year in Minnesota when it is even possible to dry your clothes outside, and the whole set up and storage of the portable rack leaves a little to be desired.  But this beautiful guy hung by a pully system from the ceiling would be amazing!  Just drop it down to load it up, and then raise it up again out of the way to dry.  I found some online for $50-$70, but I'm pretty sure that I could DIY one for much cheaper. 

Is anyone else laundry obsessed as well, or is this another one of those times that I'm totally flying my freak flag for all to see?  Any other great suggestions for a clean and organized laundry space?

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