April 28, 2011

#72- Under my Umbrella, ella, ella....

Those of you that know me personally are probably not surprised at all to hear that we've already painted our first room.  In fact, the paint brushes were literally brought out for the first time on Tuesday, the day we moved in.  Our amazing friend Noel, (who already shared his amazing home improvement talents with us back in this post), was the first to dive in, and while I was fanatically digging through boxes trying to find where my toothpaste and hair dryer ended up, he had already gotten started painting The Laundry Room. Unfortunately I was also still searching for the camera at that point so I don't have a visual for you of Noel's superior painting skills, but let's just say he's mean with a paint brush. 

We had a little incentive to get the painting done quickly, as our new washer and dryer were scheduled to be delivered the next day, and we knew if we were ever going to paint this room, now was the chance.  (And based on what we started with, you know we were going to paint this room.)

This far away picture doesn't really show the rough shape that these walls were in.  Trust me, they needed a coat of paint just about as badly as Brits need to watch the Royal Wedding. 

For the color, we came prepared with a little inspiration, (and a half a gallon of paint), thanks to our recent bathroom remodel on The Bungalow.

We really loved the color, Martha Stewart's Rainwater, and the minute we put it up in The Bungalow, I knew I'd need to find a home for it in The Lodge.  The Laundry Room seemed like the perfect place, as it gives a really fresh and clean feeling, and looks great with the crisp white cabinets.  (Which will need another coat of paint before they truly look crisp and white, but that's another post for another day people.  Let's stick to #72.)  I had more than a half gallon left over from the bathroom, so I simply left the new owners of The Bungalow the sample jar, (in case they need to touch up anything), and took the rest of the paint on the move with us.  "Holla" for free paint! 

 After Noel very graciously covered the first 2 walls, I took over and painted the rest so he couldn't file suit against me for slave labor.  It was actually a really fun and relaxing way to spend my first evening in the new digs.

Yep, that's me slapping paint all over those blue counter tops, because you don't have to read The List to know that we're definitely removing those bad boys in a hot second! 

Anyone know where you can recycle batteries?  The previous owners left us this sweet gift.
And in the end, we have this:

You'll have to forgive the color in the photo, since it was dark out by the time I finished and my camera needs natural light like I need air to breathe.  This looks more yellow/green then it is in reality, so I'll make sure to snap a pic in the daylight so you can see the true color.

Once again, as in The Bungalow's bath, I'm totally infatuated with the color.  It's crisp and clean, modern and fresh.  It feels calm and peaceful, like a fresh rainfall.  Although, not to be confused with the rain shower action happening directly across the hall in the main bath. 

"Rain shower" tiles in The Main Bath are the opposite of calming.  Try panic inducing.
Once the washer and dryer get delivered we'll do some quick work to try to put The Laundry Room together, as it would be nice to have at least one room that was completely done, or close to it.  Stay tuned. 

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