May 6, 2011

And it was all yellow

There are a few things about The Lodge that my hubby and I disagree on.  When it comes to the look of the house and design ideas, we're pretty much on the same path.   Like Batman and Robin, Bill and Hillary or Bert and Ernie, (subconsciously I just selected 2.5 man-man relationships... what would Freud say?)  We're totally on the same page and loving the modern lodge, bring-the-outside-in vibe though.  But the order in which we complete the work... totally different story.  For an example, he is super excited about the Workout Room, and feels like it's priority #1 to get that space set up like a professional home gym, while I think we could take a little time to acquire equipment and work with what we have.  I on the other hand have a pretty irrational desire to finish rooms that could definitely be considered reserves vs. the starting line up, like the Laundry or the Guest Bedroom.  I can't help it.  You know once you get the perfect piece of inspiration and the rest of the plan all falls right into place?  For me, and the Guest Bedroom, it was this little beauty right here:

We found this gorgeous photo one evening while searching through my Father-in-law's photography website.  That's right, I'm lucky to have a photographer in the family.  He shoots as a side gig on the evenings and weekends, and we are constantly reaping the benefits.  Like this amazing photo he took of our little family the day that Ryder was born:

You know how most people have the "First Family Photo" that is really precious, but they probably don't want to share it with a lot of people since Dad looks like he hasn't slept in days, Mom looks like she lost in a bull fight and baby has the cone head?  Thank God that my Father-in-law is not only great with the camera, but also with Photoshop, so was able to use A LOT of touch ups and magically capture how we were feeling that day, full of joy and peace, instead of how we were looking, like hell. 

But I digress.  We were talking about that beautiful photo, which totally fits the bring-the-outside-in requirement, while adding a fun and modern pop of color to the room.  I love bright yellow as a bedroom accent, here are some of my favorite examples:

Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy
House Tweaking

There is no shortage of accessories that I could spray paint yellow, which is one of my favorite cheap thrifty DIY ideas, literally turning trash into treasure.  I'm thinking taupey gray walls with crisp white trim, my white and gray Thomas O'Brien bedding from Target, yellow graphic curtain panels, a yellow throw pillow and a few bright yellow accessories. 

I figure as long as this room is done at a super low cost, it can't hurt anybody if I start working on it before other major projects like any of the three bathrooms, the kitchen or the dining room.  It's good for morale to get a few of the easy ones out of the way first so that the whole house doesn't look like a work-in-progress and you can start seeing the vision, right?  What would you guys do, start with the smaller easy projects, or dive right into the large projects that will make the most impact?  Any body else loving big modern pops of color in bedrooms these days?

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