April 29, 2011

#73- Special Delivery

We had our first delivery to the new house, and I won't keep you in suspense, it was these guys:
Here's a daylight shot of the paint color that I promised as well- 2 for 1!

You know how most guys feel about big screen TVs and electronics?  That's the way I feel about a front loading washer and dryer.  I've literally been pining over these for years, praying for the day that our ancient set in The Bungalow would finally kick the bucket.  It's true what they say though, they really don't make them like they used to, because these old guys just wouldn't die.

Once when Ryder was just a baby the drum belt on the dryer broke, and I momentarily considered telling the hubby that they were beyond repair.  But after a quick how-to video search, I realized it was about a $19 part and would take me only 30 minutes to fix it, and the cheap-skate in me just couldn't justify it. (Plus, 6 month old Ry hung out in the exersaucer while I worked and we broke into a little, "Mommy Fixed the Dryer" dance when we were done, which was totally worth the price of admission.)  So when we toured The Lodge, I couldn't have been more thrilled that it came without a washer and dryer, because it gave me the chance to purchase a brand new front loading set, without the guilt. 

After a lot of research, we went with the Whirlpool Duet Front Loader Washer and Dryer.  They are pretty, they got great reviews online, they're Energy Star, and let's be honest, they were a great price.  Thanks to some phenomenal online deals at Sears.com, plus a 10% off discount Sears sent us when we listed our home, (smart marketing) we only paid $750 for the pair, with free delivery.  Considering that a lot of the washers and dryers we were looking at cost that much just for one, we nearly threw our credit card at the computer when we saw the total purchase price on these guys.

The install went relatively smoothly although we weren't expecting this:

Even though these two are a set, the washer is about a half and inch taller than the dryer.  And before you go calling me a dummy, yes, we did check the adjustable feet on the bottom of the machines- the dryer doesn't have adjustable feet, and the washer is as low as it can go.  Oh well, we plan to span a counter top just barely hovering above these guys anyway, so I don't think it will be at all noticeable. 

Now it's off to Ikea to get some new counter tops, open shelving and drying racks for the space.  Until then, we've got a bunch of laundry to get started on! What do you guys think- are front loaders really worth all the hype?  I hear they are great with efficiency, but can be kind of a pain to maintain, clean, etc...  Let me know if you have some and have any suggestions.


  1. That is a crazy low price, you can't even buy name brand standard wash/dry for that. Were they close outs or something like that? Do share :) Greg S/

  2. I am not sure if they were close outs, but it was a great combination of a bunch of offers. They started at an amazing sale price, and then we happened to order on a weekend where Sears.com was providing 25% off all appliance purchases. We also had a 10% off Moving Discount, which we were shocked that they accepted as well. To top it off shipping and install were free- we felt like we won the appliance lottery!