May 19, 2011

#60 Part 3- Steal My Sunshine

Check out this curvy little beauty:

She's gorgeous! Trust me on this one, she is. If you don't believe me, take a look at this little number:

Yep, that tiny little price is just $3.00. That, plus a dollar discount at the register made this foxy little piece mine for just $2.00. Practically stealing! You see, I made a trip to our local donation/resale store to drop off a bunch of items that we won't need now that we're in the new house. In the process, I couldn't help but swing though with Ry to the lamp aisle, just to see if they had anything. And once I laid eyes on this looker, there was no way I could leave her behind. (You think I'm crazy, but wait for it...)

After that, we made a quick stop to my big box home improvement store for a little Rust-Oleum Spray Paint in Sun Yellow. Once home, I hung a painting drop cloth on the wall and floor in our new work room in the garage, (Yippeeeee!) lifted the garage doors for maximum ventilation, and went to work.

I like to keep it real for you guys on this blog, so I'll tell you now that I don't have a great track record with spray paint, mostly because I want it done NOW, and I don't take the time to do multiple, thin coats. I forced myself this time around to be more patient however, so I sprayed on a light first coat, and then headed back into the house to play with Ry for a bit. After about and hour, I went back out to apply another thin quote, which looked pretty darn good. I was feeling like quite the professional at this point, though, so I waited another hour and applied one last coat, just for fun. (Yep, it is fun for me. I'm sick like that.)

For the shade, I was lucky before the move to save a lamp shade from my Hubby's trash-throwing clutches. We have a little game we play at our house- The Hubs hates all things clutter, and frequently goes on fits of trashing things he deems as unused or unnecessary. I on the other-hand love to save items, and frequently reuse or re-purpose them as our needs change. Like a bamboo window shade that we removed from the study, and I rescued from The Trash Man only to reuse nailed to the wall as the headboard for our Guest Bedroom in The Bungalow:

Free Headboard = Good

While I really do appreciate Jason's minimalism, to me it makes perfect sense to keep some things around on the chance that we can use them again, rather than trash an item and have to spend money to buy something new later. Jason is a master Trash Man though, so it's not at all unusual to witness a scene at our house where he is heading to the garbage with a home decor item while I chase after him listing all the things I can do with it. Never was this instinct worse than during the move, when any helpless decor item could be on the chopping block at any moment. I was constantly pleading with the court for leniency and to spare their life. It was exhausting, and hilarious.

This little beauty made the cut though, and I'm glad she did, because here she is on top of our beautiful new lamp for the Guest Bedroom:

What do you think? Totally worth the $2 and a $3 can of spray paint, no? I'm super excited to put it all together. More on that shortly. What about you guys? Any spray paint treasures lately? Do tell! Does anyone else live with a minimalist, and constantly have to fight for the rights of good decor?

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