May 11, 2011

#75- White Wash

From a quick glance at the photo of our Laundry Room from the inspection day, it may not look like we need to paint the cabinets and trim in the Laundry Room white.

But get up close, and you realize these bad boys are like Donald Trump on a Hi-Def TV, a hot mess!

Looks like here they went with the, "We'll just get as close as we can, no need to tape or open the window" method.  Solid.

And here it looks like they just got tired of painting the inside of the cabinets and stopped.  I can't judge, for a brief moment I considered just throwing my stuff in there- whose ever going to see the inside of my cabinets really?  The answer: Me.  And I'm way to Type A to live with half painted cabinets.  Not in my dream home.  I'd get a nervous tick.

So I fought every desire to just quickly throw the contents of the stacked up boxes inside these guys and call it a day, and instead took the time to do it right.  I removed all the doors and took out the shelves, and brought them out to the garage for a coat of Kilz Water based primer. While I waited for those guys to dry, I headed back inside to prime the inside of the cupboards and the trim.  It was a little chilly outside, so when I opened the window to paint it, I closed the pocket door to The Laundry to keep the cold air out of the house, and found this surprise:

I guess it's kind of hard to tell from this picture, but the door was terrible.  One light coat of paint that was uneven and messy.  Once again I briefly thought, "Whose going to see the inside of The Laundry Door?"  That's just not the way we're going to roll in this house though.  As my Dad always says, "If you're going to do it, do it right."  Yes Dad.  

After the primer dried I added a nice, crisp coat of Decorator White trim paint to all the white surfaces, and even though this project took a frustrating 4 hours all in, it makes such a difference in the space. 

My clean, bright Laundry Room is coming together! Although Ikea and I are fighting right now though, because apparently the entire Northern Hemisphere is sold out and on back order of their wood countertops.  If I would have known it was going to take months to get our replacements, I might not have been so sloppy about getting paint on the electric blue ones, oops!  It is just our Laundry Room after all...

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