May 12, 2011

#93- Robo-cessories & Ryder's Room Reveal!

Let me start by apologizing for the lame title of this post. In reality this post is going to be much cooler than its title (don't judge this book by it's cover baby), because it's all about the fun wall art I bought/made for Ryder's Robo-Room.  Plus, you get to see his room all put together for the first time.  Without further ado:

One of my biggest challenges was finding a way to place some wall art above Ryder's bed, which is the very first wall you see when you walk into the room.I didn't want to detract too much from the Robot Duvet or the Rocket Shelf, but I did want some elements of interest there. The problem for me is that the ceilings in there are so high, that just simple picture frames stacked above the bed wouldn't come close to filling the space.  Then I discovered these awesome wall decals from Blik. They come with six 21" x 19" stickers, so they were sure to fill that giant wall space more appropriately.  I got them in silver, which I figured would look robo-tastic on the blue walls. 

They were really easy to install.  First we laid out the pattern by taping the gears to the wall.  Then Bliks transfer method makes application a breeze.  You first peel off the back white panel (leaving a clear adhesive panel still in the front, that you can use to affix the gear to the wall.  

You rub like mad with the little squeegee they provide to make sure that the gear is properly affixed, and then you can slowly peel off the top layer, leaving just your smooth, shiny decal below.

 Here they are from the other angle:


 Can I just say that I'm so proud of how the Rocket Shelf I built and painted turned out?

In this photo above you can see Grobot the Robot Growth Chart.  I stumbled upon this little bad boy on Etsy early on in the brainstorming process, and it sealed the robot deal. 
Grobot the Robot Growth Chart
Ryder runs into the room anytime I have the camera out yelling, "Cha-eeeeeeeze!"

Since I'm already in love with the Duvet from Land of Nod, I considered purchasing the signs like they have in the catalog listing:

At $100 a piece though framed, they would have broken the budget big time.  Here's a tip though, you can get them for much cheaper from sellers on Etsy.

My favorite bit of wall art I created myself after searching the web for some robo-inspiration.  I created this alphabet poster in Adobe Illustrator, and had Costco print it as a 16 x 20 poster print for just $5.99.  Then I just tossed it in a nice, clean white Ikea matted frame.

Here's a close up of the art:

What do you think?  It's hard to really capture what the room looks like in photos, since the ceiling is so high.  These photos sort of give the impression that the room is too cluttered/full of colors, but in the reality of that vast space, it all seems to fit really well. The real important thing though is that Ryder LOVES it. Whenever anyone asks him about his new house, he begins a 5 minute speech all about his Robot Room and the stuff that's in it.  I'm just thrilled that he seems to be adjusting so well. 

What do you guys think of "themed" Kid's Bedrooms?  Easy way to decorate or a little too much?   We were considering race cars and rain forest before settling on the old robots.   Are themes too expected?  I already want to start redecorating... Good thing we have a dozen more rooms to get to first. 


  1. What color is the paint on the wall? Great choice, I was considering a darker blue, but I love this shade...

    1. Sorry Aubrey- I have no idea. This was the color it was painted when we moved in, and with the super high ceilings we opted not to repaint... at least not for awhile. It definitely works for now.