June 27, 2011

#152- Modern Family

From the beginning we've had a vision of our Family Room that makes it a modern, but lived in and comfortable space.  That's what you see, right?

Alright, this space is about as modern as a Hyper Color shirt.  Rome wasn't built in a day people, so let's start with the easy stuff, time to paint.  They may look white here, but the walls were a very dirty and scuffed up mustardy-cream color, so we were pretty pumped to get some color on them.  In order to coordinate with our "new" charcoal gray couch, we went with Stone White from Glidden.  The best part of this project- removing all the garbage from the walls, like the crazy mix of brass, wood, and almond colored switch plates:

And we took 10 years off the room just pulling down these:

Forgive the Hubby's rough iPhone photo, but he was so anxious to take these babies down he wouldn't wait until I got home from work with the proper camera.

After a few hours of painting, we cranked out the room and woke up the next morning to survey our work in the daylight:

I'd be lying if I said we both loved it immediately.  Even though it is supposed to be a light gray, it reads a little blue/purple in different lighting.  We don't hate it, and it's certainly better than the mustardtastrophe it was previously, so we'll stick with it for awhile.  I have a feeling that when we add some curtains, art and table lamps it will balance out, and to be honest, we're just too exhausted at this point to redo an entire room just because we feel so-so about it.  There are a lot of other things about this house that I hate much more than the color of the Family Room. 

Speaking of, many of you have asked about the status of the house post Bath Crashers, so here's the update:

- The drywall guy came back and patched all the holes in our walls. Hooray!  Unfortunately, he didn't paint them, so we spent all weekend painting the ceilings in the Master Bath, Master Bedroom and Dining Room and walls in the Master Bath, Master Bedroom and Laundry Room.  I'm pretty sure ceiling painting is my new least favorite home improvement.

-The electrician kindly came back and fixed some of the circuits that weren't working, but unfortunately we did not pass our electrical inspection by the city.  Apparently 13 feet of track lighting in a bathroom is okay, but 13 feet of track lighting in a bathroom/closet combo is a fire hazard.  So it looks like that track lighting we disliked may be on it's way out, without a penny from us, (fingers and toes crossed.)  We'll keep you posted.

- The tile guy should be coming back tomorrow to repair the floor and the shower curb.  He accidentally sloped the curb out of the shower, so when the water hit the curb it would flow out instead of back in, and we'd have a little "Lake Bath Crashers" in the middle of the bathroom every time we took a shower.  I can't wait for him to come back and fix it so I can feel like I'm on an episode of Cribs again. 

- We were super excited to learn from our producers on Friday that they "are working on a plan" for doors for our closets!  I thought this was going to have to be an expense we would take on ourselves, so we were thrilled that they were already coming up with a solution for us.  As always, we'll share every little detail once we know more.   There are a couple of other finishing details that we're hoping the contractor addresses this week as well.

At this stage the house is still a complete disaster, but we're hoping that by the end of the week things will start to turn around for us.  In the mean time, the Family Room is always cool and has a nice comfortable couch to watch HGTV on, and really, that's all a girl needs. 

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