June 22, 2011

#45- Let There Be Light

This post is proof that sometimes the quick and easy changes can make the biggest difference in the home.   But let me back up, many of you provided great feedback on our To Paint or Not To Paint post, and we decided with your suggestions to go with the more modern natural style with a neutral pallet of black, white and wood grain.  We were so excited to finish installing our new wood floors, especially in the kitchen, because we thought that this would make such a huge difference in the space and get us closer to our modern natural goal.  When all the dust settled though, all these wood floors did was make us feel bad about the kitchen. Instead of improving the space, the beautiful wood floors seemed to illuminate all that was ugly about the room, and there was a lot of it.  We've been a little busy and overworked lately (that's understatement like "Lady Gaga wears a little makeup" is an understatement,) so we started simple with a little lighting switcheroo.  Here's the fixture that was hanging over the dining area in the kitchen.

I wouldn't say that it was terrible, but it certainly wasn't very interesting.  It definitely didn't help us define this empty space in the kitchen as an eating area.  (Although a table would certainly help with that, but one project at a time people!)  I've been eying a gorgeous little number from Shades of Light for awhile, so one evening I showed it to The Hubs, and to my surprise he was immediately on board.  In fact, he went straight for the credit card so that we could order it right away.  Never being one to purchase without a coupon or discount, I used the coupon code from Young House Love to save 10%, and within just 3 days the new fixture arrived!

We shut off the power at the breaker, (not just the light switch, unless you want to add a little jump to your day), and it didn't take long to unhook the old and put on the new. Well, I guess it took a little time since I didn't manage to take this picture until the sun went down:

Here she is up close with a much better photo taken from my super photog cousin Morgan:

What do you think?  We love it so far, as the colors are pretty neutral, but it definitely adds a new level of interest to the space.  I'm used to bringing interest and focal points to a room with a pop of color, so the trick with our neutral pallet kitchen will be to create focal points out of textures, fixtures and interesting elements like lighting.  Feel free to reserve your judgment until we put this whole area together, as I think it will fit much better once we start incorporating the table and accessories.  Or don't and let me have it, I can handle it!


  1. What are your plans for the old light? I know a kitchen with a soft green light fixture that needs replacing. :) I'm just sayin'...

  2. We're holding onto the light for now as we're considering placing it where the gigantic, coffin shaped florescent one is. That may not be big and bright enough though, so if we don't use it, it's all yours!