June 30, 2011

#39- Can you Handle It?

We're back in the kitchen, and next up on the list is another small tweak that we are hoping will go a long way.  As I've mentioned, based on your responses to this post, we're going to give the natural wood a chance and stick with these color cabinets for awhile.  (We can always paint or stain them down the road if we change our mind.)  So all that's left to do at this point is to clean them up a bit as there are a few places with water damage that need to be refinished and to add hardware.  And a few of you with eagle eyes out there busted me and noticed that we got started already.  Here are the pictures from Tuesday's kitchen cabinet post:

Yep, we've added some really clean lined, brushed silver pulls to give the room the modern edge we're going for.  Here's a better look:

At first I wasn't loving the placement.  They seem a little close together.  But as you can see, it's because of those pesky glass door cabinets.  We had to center the pulls on these cabinets within the small space provided, and since they needed to be uniform through out the kitchen, we were held hostage to this distance.  They are starting to grow on me now though.  Plus, you can't really change the location of cabinet hardware unless you plan to paint the cabinets (you'll always see the wrong holes, even if you fill them with wood fill) so I'm letting it go.  I'm also letting go of any need to make a joke about seeing the wrong holes...

The water damage on this cabinet under the sink is really obvious in this photo.  We'll get to that... eventually.

One nice little unintended bonus of the pulls- we can finally figure out how to close our lazy susans!  We have one in each corner, and they each have a definite bottom door that needs to be closed first, and top door that needs to be closed last.  Since they overlap, they can't both have a pull, so putting the pull just on the top door gives us an easy reminder which one to shut first.   It's the little things...
Our mini kitchen reno is almost complete.  Next up, the sink and counter tops!  To be continued....

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