July 19, 2011

#106- True Blue

Once we got our new ceiling fan up and installed in the Master Bedroom and finally had enough light to see the walls, we remembered how gross they were.  As a reminder, here is a photo from the listing:

When choosing our new color, we had to first consider the new almost finished Master Bathroom that Bath Crashers created, since these two rooms will now be one cohesive space.   With all the cream and light gray tile in this room though, there wasn't a lot of color inspiration, with the exception of this:

From the first moment we opened our water closet door I loved the deep blue color.  Even though it was dark and rich, the color doesn't seem to make this already tiny room feel dark or small at all, in fact, it gives it personality and depth.  Immediately I wondered how it would look in the entire bedroom area, but was concerned that it would be too overpowering and would close in the room.  Just a few days later though, I was totally inspired by a blog post from House*Tweeking all about the Benjamin Moore color Newberg Green. While this may not be my exact dark blue color, I love all the inspiration of bright white trim with the dark, moody blue walls.  John and Sherry from Young House Love also recently completed this super fun guest bedroom which gives a more colorful and playful take on the same idea.  Once I started looking, there was all sorts of dark blue eye candy out there.

Love the blue and white contrast from House and Home.

This image from homecouture1 proves you can mix natural elements with the dark blue for a beautiful balance.

Another great rustic look with the dark blue walls from Country Living.

This more stream lined, modern look from HomeDesigns.net reminds me of the new closets that Bath Crashers installed.

These all helped give me the confidence I needed to stop being such a paint woosey and get to work on our own dark blue room.  I'm hoping that ours comes out a little more on the sophisticated and dramatic end. Here's what we have so far:

What do you think of the new ceiling fan?  Here's another look:

Please ignore the trashy rock window ledges and the trash inside them. 

It took two solid coats, but luckily we still had nearly half a gallon left over from Bath Crashers so I only needed to purchase 1 gallon to cover the room.  I'm hoping that a touch up on the white trim paint will give this a nice crisp outline, and that airy white curtain panels on all the windows will soften it and give it a little romantic feel.  And no, at this point we still haven't decided on the great Master Bedroom interior windows debate, but I'm happy to deal with that issue another day.

What do you think?  Anyone else paint a dark moody color lately?


  1. I have major color commitment issues. It took me over two years to pick a color to paint my room as a teenager. I ended up with a tangerine orange color and bright white trim. It was intense but it totally worked with the dark wood furniture and wood floors. I think once you get the white curtains up and add a few other white or light elements to the room, it will look amazing

  2. Thanks! I'm crossing my fingers that the fabric brings it all together too!

  3. Do you mind sharing what color you used, I love the blue/gray tone you achieved! BTW, loved your bath crashers episode!

    1. Tricky since they purchased the paint, and then removed the labels so that it wouldn't be seen in the show. Let me check tonight and see if there's something on the top of the can though...