July 18, 2011

#114- I'm a Fan.

As I suspected, I spent a lot of time up in the Master Bedroom this weekend, and no you perverts, there was nothing that fun about it.  Unfortunately the Hubs and I are still sleeping in the Guest Bedroom until we finally get our Bath Crashers Master Bedroom finished. We're crossing our fingers that the electrician, glass guy and contractor all come back this week as scheduled to finish up the bathroom, so it was time for us to make sure that the other side of the room would be livable shortly.  First things first, we need a light.

As you can see from this Bath Crashers photo, the room came with a ceiling fan, but the fan had no light on it.  Apparently the previous owners only used lamps.

But once they started refinishing the ceiling in the bathroom area, they had to do the entire room, since you can't have popcorn ceilings in once half of the room and flat in another.  And so for the last month, we've been left with this:

I'm really getting sick of live wires just hanging from our walls.
I've had a crush on capiz chandies in bedrooms for a long time, and was especially excited to place one in our Master Bedroom since it seemed to be perfectly centered over the bed.  Not sure what I'm referring to?  Here's a super creepy photo of Miss Miley showing you hers from Decor Pad:

So yeah, that's pretty cool.
The problem that I discovered, in this lofted house with all the open, high ceilings and peaks, is that heat rises, and our Master is right at the top of it all.  A capiz chandelier might have looked amazing, but it wouldn't have cooled me down when my furnace of a hubby climbed in bed.  Very rarely in life do I choose function over fashion, (which explains my 4 inch work heels), but in this instance sanity won out.  Probably because on my top 5 list of modern items that I couldn't live without in a zombie apocalypse, is a fan for coolie sleepy is at least in the top 2. 

So the plan was to head out to every home improvement store in the area to hunt for an attractive ceiling fan that didn't break the bank.  Let me tell you, they're tough to come by.  I spent nearly 4 hours with my neck cranked back looking up at the ceilings (don't stare directly into the light!), and here were my top 3 contenders:

This guy was pretty basic, but was certainly one of the more clean lined options I found.  The reversable blades in light wood or black at least gave me the option of a darker color, but for this bedroom I'd prefer a dark wood to match rather than the black.

Looking at this one now in the photo, I have no idea why I even took a photo of it.  I guess I liked that even though it had the traditional drop down of multiple lights style, the lights were a bit more interesting looking with the double glass shades.  Thank God I didn't get that one though, huh?  Poop sandwich.

And this bad boy is the one that ultimately landed in my cart.  It's interesting, and the fan that appears to come out through the center of the light is certainly a unique design.  I liked the angled blades and the dark brown wood.  It felt like maybe it would be a little too much, but after searching at 4 different stores for half the afternoon trying to find something that would look modern and interesting, I figured it was time to get some guts and go with it.  I can't really buy a ceiling fan that will blend or not be noticeable, so I might as well get one that looks interesting when you do notice it.  I'm reserving my judgment for when it goes up in the room. 

What do you guys think?  Are you anti-ceiling fan?  Or are you like me and love the function even if you'd never see them installed on Color Splash, Divine Design, or any of my other fave HGTV programs?  Sometimes you just have to go for what feels comfortable, even if it's not in fashion, which explains my holding on to a couple of pairs of gouchos long after that ship has sailed.  You're just jealous.


  1. Great choice! It's so hard to find an attractive ceiling fan, but fans are MUST in our living room and bedroom per hubs! But I do agree, it makes for a much more comfortable living space.

  2. I am not anti-ceiling fan because they're functional. And if one is so quick to dismiss a ceiling fan because some are ugly, then they're not looking hard enough nor creative enough to make it work in their room. I really like your choice!

  3. I am definitely pro-fan, but I'm more of a function over form gal (4 inch heels? Yikes!)