July 12, 2011

#173- Family Room Wall Art

Remember how I mentioned that the Hubs and I had a lot of down time during our Bath Crashers filming?  Since we were always in the way, one of the projects we took on was rebuilding the deck box, and the other was finally getting some wall art up in our Family Room.  We had a bunch of left over black and white photos from The Bungalow, so we thought what better way to fill the huge, long empty wall on the other side of the built ins, but with a photo collage.  (I should mention that someone suggested that we hang our TV on this side of the wall, which was a great suggestion, but unfortunately the room is very long and narrow, which means that the sectional and chair really need to be pushed up all the way back against the far wall for optimum TV viewing, and it's probably not the good choice to push your couch up against a fireplace.)

We started by measuring the total height and length of our space, which was a pretty awkward 110" wide by only 36" high.  We marked those dimensions out on the floor, and began laying out all the photos that we had within that space.

It was at about this point that we realized that our photos are pretty dated.  A whole lot of us being young and fun, not so many family photos that included Ryder Man and our new, go to bed by 10PM reality.  I didn't feel like abandoning the project at that moment though and carrying all the frames back to storage, (and by storage I mean the workout room, which sees a whole lot of boxes but not so much fitness) so we decided to put them up anyway and we can change out the photos overtime.

Once we found an arrangement we liked, we cut out paper in the same size and shape of each frame and taped the paper to our wall in as close to the pattern as we could.  After a few adjustments, we had a layout we liked.

White paper on a white wall.  Sorry team, I didn't bring my A game.

 Next it was as simple as driving our nails through each paper in the appropriate spot, removing the paper and hanging our frames.

Again, it's a work in progress, but better than a blank wall if I do say so myself.  Plus I love the idea of a collage of our lives, places we've been, things we've done, etc... all hanging in the space where we'll spend the most time as a family.  It's a nice little reminder of where we've been.  What about you guys?  Any photo collages at your home?  Do you go with a theme, or just a bunch of random photos of some of the best times of your life like we do?  In my crazy world of plans and lists, random is good.


  1. I have a gallery on my to-do list! I can't wait to dig in and just do it! I think I'm going to go random! Yours looks great... it's a great way to fill up a long wall.

  2. I LOVE it! I would cover my walls in photos if possible.... looks fabulous. Great work! :)

  3. AnonymousJuly 24, 2011

    Looks great! I have done this before and every little movement would moved the pictures. I found if you put a little bit of sticky tack on the bottom corners keeps the pictures from moving.