August 22, 2011

#54- Coffee Talk

Have I mentioned that our Screened in Porch, now with the new outdoor sectional I built and sewed cushions for, is my favorite room in the house?  Seriously- from the moment I first laid eyes on this room in the listing photo I was totally smitten.

This was going to be the room where I'd read my morning paper, where I'd have a glass of wine and read a book at the end of a long day, or where my kids in the future would have slumber parties and tell ghost stories.  Yep, if it's possible to fall in love with a room, I did with this one.  Which is why since the couch has been built, I'm on a mission to make this room feel warm and cozy.  Even thought the couch is great, the room still needs a little love.

So when we were walking through Ikea the other day, and the Hubs spotted a $29 coffee table, we nearly through the kiddo out of the cart to make room.  We weren't home 5 minutes before I was out in the porch installing the bugger, and by the time Jason made it out there with the camera, I already had a handful of items trying to stage the place.

And here she is in all her book reading, wine drinking glory:


I threw a soft throw blanket on the bottom shelf for cuddling up on cold Minnesota fall evenings.  And see that storage box?

Full of card games for a casual evening.  Yep, we're nerds like that. 

I've also ordered an indoor-outdoor rug for this room, but we're still waiting for it to arrive.  You know I'll update you guys the minute it comes. 

What did you all do this weekend?  Any Ikea trips or home improvement?  I'm not sure what I love more about Ikea, the clean Swedish style or the cheap prices.  Ha- that's a total lie, you all know it's the low prices.  I'm a sucker for saving a buck.

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  1. Love it. But there hasn't been a post I haven't loved! :)