August 11, 2011

Mountain Climber

Did I mention what Super Grandpa made for Ry for his Birthday?

Yep, that's a custom climbing wall that goes from our Family Room patio (underneath the Living Room Deck) up to the Exercise Room patio (underneath the Screened In Porch.)  And when he gets to the top:

Yep, my Dad hooked a bell on a hinge so that Ry could ring it when he climbed to the top.  Adorable.

And after he gets up he can slide back down to the Exercise Room Patio.  I can't tell you how many thousands of times he has gone up and down this wall.  My father single-handedly found a way to tame our wild little beast.

We're going to hang a couple of swings up on this patio.  Clearly the one above is still a little too high, I'm working on it.  We figured that with all our outdoor spaces (Dining Room Deck, Screened in Porch, Living Room Deck, Master Bedroom Deck) that the last thing we need is more seating space down on these patios.  Instead, we hope to make it a jungle gym of sorts, since what we do need is more space for our little man to run off steam.  We plan to find a soft pad to put on the concrete, and are currently looking at equestrian flooring that's meant for stable floors.  I hear they sell it at Fleet Farm, you know, the Man's Mall. 

Do you have tickets to the gun show?


We still need to add a slide and a set of stairs so that Ry can get from the top patio to the bottom one without me doing the heavy lifting.  That's a project for another day though.  In the mean time, we're so thrilled to give these spaces a definite purpose, and not only that, but one that will provide hours of fun for Ry and his future brother/sister(s). A big thanks to my parents for the amazing gift.  What other kid can say they got a climbing wall for their birthday?  Spoiled little punk. :)

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  1. You have such a handy family. That looks like a lot of fun.