August 12, 2011

Deja Vu

Here's what I did on my Thursday night:

No, those aren't pictures from my Bungalow bathroom remodel, although they do give me a serious case of deja vu. That's my brother's bungalow bathroom remodel.  Yep, my big bro is taking on the whole Homeowner 100 Year Old Bathroom Challenge, and so far he's handling it quite well.  (No major temper tantrums as of yet, which is more than I can say for the Hubs and I under similar circumstances.)  Look at him- he's still smiling:


Of course, he doesn't have the crazy 2-weeks-while-working-full-time deadline that we did, but he does have a pretty major deadline coming on, as his lovely wife is set to give birth to their first little bundle of joy in about 6 weeks.  So I thought I'd come over and lend a hand where I could.  In this case- electrical.

The state of Minnesota allows homeowners to do all their own electrical work as long as it is approved by an inspector, so I assisted my bro in updating some of the 1920's knob and tube wiring in this space to a safer, and more efficient layout.   It actually didn't take us very long at all, so we moved on to another project near and dear to my heart- the glass block window in the shower.  

Yep, my bro has that same, annoying window in the shower phenominon, and with a stucco exterior, it's about 200 times easier to find a way to make the window work instead of filling it in.  I started by helping him sketch out the dimensions for the new window frame.  Hooray for math!

He put it together, and it was a perfect fit!  Nice work bro!

Installing the glass block took me about half the amount of time this time around- it's super easy once you know what you are doing.  Within 10 minutes we had this:

I seriously feel like I'm in bazzaro world, look how much it looks like this:

I don't miss those days.  But since we have 2 bathroom overhauls still left here on The Lodge, it was nice to get in the thick of it again to get myself ready.  Infact, other people's home improvements are the best kind, because you can still go home to your clean house and shower when you get done.  (My poor bro is showering at his gym.)  I'll be sure to share with you guys the final result when it is all through.  

How about you guys?  Any fun home improvement planned for the weekend?  Am I the only one that refers to them as fun?

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