September 21, 2011

#176- The Great Cover Up

Alright, we're making Laundry Room progress now... let's keep this rollin'. On to # 176 on The List (a new addition) a way to cover up all those ugly plugs and cords.

Frequent OPaaT readers (all three of you) won't be surprised to hear I took a little inspiration from Pinterest on this one.  Specifically this great idea to use a fun patterned piece of fabric.  Love it.

So I armed myself with a 50% off coupon and headed to JoAnn Fabrics where I found an awesome Dwell Studios pattern in just the right colors.  First I had to quick hem the edges for a nice, crisp look, and I also sewed a pocket across the bottom. 

The I took my stapler and carefully attached the fabric to the bottom of the shelf in the Laundry Room, as close to the wall as I could get.  I made sure to staple the underside so that they wouldn't show.


The only problem is that my fabric had a huge lump in it.  Here's a close up.

Peak back behind the curtain and you find this culprit:

For some reason our brand new washer came with the worlds longest plug, not the standard flat plug that our new dryer has.  Nothing that a little trip to the Home Depot couldn't fix, I just picked up a short appliance extension cord.

And we were back in business...

There's that left over wall paper on the floor again... I'm such a slob.
Comin' together... right?  Because you know I love a good before and after, here's where we started.

But we're still not done, besides sweeping that floor, I still need to create a solution for the rug, fix the wall that got pretty dented from the Big Blue removal, and work on a few other accessories.  But it's coming together.  You know you'll be the first to see the progress.  (Like you could stop me from spilling it all in painstaking detail.


  1. I'd like to live in your laundry room -- it's so clean and airy! The laundry room in our 1931 Tudor is spidery and and drippy.

    Shannon/Portland, OR

  2. Thanks Shannon! That big window had me at hello. We used to have a spidery and drippy laundry of our own in our 1920's Bungalow, so trust me, the natural light and main floor location of this room never looses it's excitement for me.

    There's a little picture of our old laundry in this post-

  3. Aah! I spy my laundry room! Very cool to know it's on Pinterest. Here's the whole post:

    p/s: love your blog! the laundry room is going to look great

  4. Emily- I'm so glad you responded! My Pin on Pinterest couldn't link back to the original post, so I had no idea where it came from. I updated the post now so that everyone can see your great work. Thank you so much for sharing!