September 23, 2011

Dining Room Dreaming

Here's the problem with trying to remodel and decorate a messed up home from the beginning: it takes a long time.  I mean, I know we've gotten a ton checked off The List in just 5 short months, including some incredibly big projects like tearing up tile to install wood floors and a complete master bathroom remodel.  But that doesn't help when I'm living in a house full of barely done rooms, and all I want to do is make them look like I've imagined them to be.  I'm lit-er-ally (thank you Rob Lowe and Parks & Rec) the most impatient person in America, which is quite lit-er-ally the most impatient nation in the world.  Too much?  Fine then, I'll just say that my Dinning Room gives me a nervous tick.

It's in the center of my house, and I pass it dozens of times a day, and it needs so much love.  But let's be honest, I've already got projects in the Playroom and in the Master Bedroom that are sitting half done.  So in the mean time, just so when you look at this room you can see the same vision I do (although half baked and constantly changing), here's a few things I'd love to do with the Dining Room.... someday. 

I'm not completely sold on this yet, but I think I would like to paint 1 main wall in the room (the one currently with the picture on it), with a fun horizontal pattern like this.  It would solve my problem of the room being too boring with the cappuccino white paint, but not have to worry about the adjoining walls to the rest of the house that are painted in the same color.

Or maybe I could find some more interest, and help define this room as a more traditional Dining Room, with a board and batten wainscoting like this one.  I could use your opinion on this one.  I love the idea of wainscotting in the Dining Room, but I'm not sure it fits the Modern Lodge, one with nature vibe of the house.  Thoughts?

This is fun, and rustic, and DIY.  Plus it holds a whole lot of wine.  It's like I'm 8 years old again, the first time I saw Zack Morris and his big phone on Saved by the Bell- love at first sight.

I love this natural, yet low maintenance centerpiece in a trifle dish, and envision 3 of them running down the center of the table.  You know how whenever you see design images and the Dining Room table is always set?  Yeah, who lives like that?  Seriously?  I think it's doing us all an injustice really, why not show us an image of how the table can look the other 361 days a year.  I'm just saying...

 I've almost started this mirror a dozen times.  I'm not sure what's holding me back, maybe because I'm still not 100% sure what's going on that wall yet.  You all can help with that though- what do you like?  Horizontal stripes?  Board and Batten?  Something else?  I could use any suggestions that you have.  I'm thinking it's just a little designers block, and that once I have a more clear vision I'll be able to dive in.  So lay it on me, pretty please.  I can't take this boring room anymore. 


  1. Like the horizontal painted wall, have fun trying to decide on the colors. Hanging wine rack in the bar area maybe, not the dining room. I do love the candle holder on the wall next to it however. Lose the wainscoting idea, it will make the room look smaller and it already is crowded and it's not worth the money you'd put into it. The trifles on the table are dust collectors. Go with seasonal decorations that way they don't catch as much dust and give visitors something new to comment on as they enter your home. Forget the mirror, it looks like it should be in a witches den. You will look in it and a witch will issue your next curse that you have to overcome. You asked, I responded, guess who???????

  2. I love the idea of wainscotting! That image you posted has a great pattern. You could paint the top half a deep earthy color. I think it would be stunning! You could even take the wainscotting a little higher. You really need to DIY that wall wine rack... with your skills I'm sure you'd have it whipped up in no time! And I always have to tell myself to be patient. We've been in our house about 16 months now and I just not feel like we're on the down stretch. SO much more to do, but we are so comfortable and happy with what has been done so far. Stay with it! You guys are doing a fantastic job!!