June 14, 2011

Bath Crashers- Day 1 Part 1- The Demo

Sitting here and reflecting on our first day of Bath Crashers, all I can say is- Amazing.  Seriously, it was such and incredible day.  So much went down today, and I'm seriously tired, so we'll brake this up into a couple of posts so I can get some shut eye and we can be up and ready to go tomorrow AM.  The day started at 6:30 AM when the first contractors and camera crew rolled in and began prepping the house with lights and protective materials on our floors.  (Thank God- our new wood floors are safe!)

Our recently finished Living Room, all disorganized, but protected.

Our Master Bedroom with the lighting and all the floors covered.

 Then a few incredible friends came by to help us with the filming, and our sound guy mic'd us up.

Work it honey.

Before we knew it we were shooting the crew pulling up in the driveway, and heading up to the bathroom.

Then we got to see our plans for the first time.  I may or may not have peed my pants. Here's a little sneak peak.

They are still keeping a lot secret from us, but we know there are windows (to the outside, not just the glass block peak-a-boo), there's a huge shower, a wall full of built in closets, and oh yeah, a double sided fireplace that we can view from the bathroom or our bed.  If my husband wasn't in the room, I might have kissed Matt Muenster.  But Jason kissed him first.

Then it was time to gear up for demo.
Sergent Safety and his goggles.

There was a hole in my glove that we made some quick work of.  Safety first!

 And then we began to hit things with sledgehammers, which is incredibly thereputic I might add.

Jason launching a sledge into the mirror.  It went boom.

Taking a swing at the gross vanity.

Giving the wall a little round house kick.  Not going to lie, I felt bad ass.

RIP Peak-a-boo window.
The chaos left in our wake.
And then we launched the stuff off the deck into the dumpster.  Surprisingly even more fun than smashing stuff.

Sizing up my joust throw.

Jay and his buds named this the "Train of Awesome" as they hauled cans of debris that we couldn't throw down to the dumpster.  

Some of the items proved a little too big to launch into the dumpster, which was pretty far away from the deck.  Clean up, aisle one!

And then we found the previous owners porn stash.  Yep, you read that right, mid-demo we can across a pile of particularly dirty, and hilarious DVDs.  I'll save the visual for when the show airs, as they have much better methods of blurring the photos, which is necessary since they were really disgusting.  Let's just say the previous owners appreiciated women that were "Mature & Chunky."  (I apologize for whatever visual just popped into your head.  It's your mind though... sicko.)

The place was completely clear by noon, and it was time to get started on the good stuff.  But that story my friends, is for tomorrow.  It's time for these to DIYers to hit the hay, because shooting resumes tomorrow at 7AM. 

Big thanks to my always amazing parents, my incredible cousin Morgan and some of the Hubby's work buddies for their help today, we couldn't have done it without you.  Also, this post is brought to you today by Morgan Klinnert Photography, as she not only got after it with the demo, but she took all theses great photos.  Super woman.  

 P.S. We're getting a lot of questions about when it airs, and although we don't have a date yet, we're hearing sometime late in July.  Trust me, you'll know when we know. 

UPDATE: Follow our whole Bath Crashers Experience Here:
Bath Crashers- What it was Really Like


  1. I know this is an old post, but I'm just reading it. Mature & Chunky has me lol-ing!!