September 19, 2011

Keepin' it Level

If you are one of the 2 people that have read this blog religiously since the start (hi Mom and Dad), you may remember that when we got our new electronic dream machines front loading washer and dryer I had a little problem, as in, they were crooked. The dryer never came with adjustable feet, so it was always 1/2" shorter than the washer.  Maybe there was too much going on at the time, or the fact that I was so enamored with my new magic cleaning machines, but I didn't even think to mention it to Sears, where we purchased the machines, I just moved on to the next 74 projects on The List and lived with it. 

Here's the little guy on the right.

That worked just peachy up until the time came to put a counter top on these guys.  I spent a little too much time considering how I would build up the counter to make it level, before it dawned on me that I could probably just put some feet on the dryer.  Yep, that little genius was 5 months in coming.  Try to contain your enthusiasm. 

So on one of my regular trips to Home Depot last week, I stopped in the appliance section to see if they sold adjustable feet for washers and dryers, crossing my fingers that there was some sort of universal piece I could purchase.  No such luck.  The adorable, old man working in the appliance section told me that they were specific to the brand, and unfortunately, they didn't sell the Whirlpool brand I had purchased.  I was about to take off and begin a long and extensive search, when my new best friend said, "But I have a set of spare feet for a Maytag that have been sitting in our drawer for months.  You can take them home and give them a try.  If they don't work, just please bring them back so someone else can use them."  Seriously, that really happened.  There's nothing like a little good-old-fashioned helping a stranger for no profit of your own, just to be a good neighbor, to make you see the world in a happier light.  I thanked the man profusely and headed back to The Lodge with my free, adjustable feet. 

Since everything was pretty much going my way, I was thrilled that the feet he gave me magically worked.  It was pretty tricky to navigate this small skinny space, moving the washer and dryer backwards and forwards, tipping them to make the feet accessible. 

Here's the first one in, in the front left side of the photo.  Getting to the back was much more tricky.

After about a half and hour of lifting, scooting, tipping, bending and jamming myself into tiny spaces, we have this:

Sort of anti-climatic isn't it?  But the good news is now I'm able to get the rest of the room finished up, so stay tuned for that this week.

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