October 27, 2011

Going Orange and Saving Some Green

You may remember that we here at OPaaT we’re super excited to partner with the Home Depot on their Live Green, Save Green initiative.  A program teaching us how to make our house more efficient and save money?  That’s right up these cheap skate’s alley.  We started by completing the energy efficiency checklist, and this past weekend we were off to Home Depot to purchase supplies.  

We barely walked into the store when we found our first big score- Home Comfort Weatherization Kits. 

 We learned from our checklist that we were in need of door sweeps for our doors and weather strips for our windows, and we were pretty pumped when we realized that everything we need is right in this $14 kit.  Actually, it was $14.97, and I know that this pricing technique is just a marketing trick to get you to think the product cost less.  Clearly, it works.  This kit also includes some insulation for outlets and light switches on your exterior walls.  I’m pretty excited to try it all out.

Literally just a few steps later we found my favorite deal of the day- a package of 4 CFL light bulbs for just $1.85!  I enthusiastically instructed the Hubs to hold the bulbs next to the price and give me his best, “I’m saving a S*%t Ton” grin.   Boy goes and hides the price and gives me a “I ate too much chili for dinner” smile.  Vanna White you are not my friend. 

One thing that wasn’t on Home Depot’s list, but that we had in our Bungalow, was this cool light switch timer.  This amazing little computer knows not only the time, but the sun rise and sun set times for your region, and turns your front house lights on and off accordingly.  It even automatically adjusts for daylight savings.  Not only is this a great safety function, since you never have to go home to a dark house, but it saves these forgetful bums a lot of money since we always end up leaving the front lights on for days on end.  Especially the ones over our garage that we can’t tell if they are on from the front door. 

We also spent a lot of time looking at toilets, since we plan to replace our 30 year old version for a Water Sense product when we remodel the Main Bath.  We didn’t bring one home with us yet, but here’s a few of the favorites.

Dual flush built in and only $98 dollars?  I’m sold.

Hubs was really excited about this “No more clogs” flush and done option by Kohler.  I say we just lay off the Buffalo Wings and get the cheaper one.  What?  Too much? 

We did end up picking up this Dual Flush converter for the much newer toilet down in the Downstairs bath.  Did you know these can save you like $90 a year?  No brainer.

And we picked up another 4” furnace filter for our new energy efficient furnace.  Even though ours is only 6 months old, and these versions last at least a year, the major construction in our house from tearing up the tile and putting in the new hardwood floors, as well as the Bath Crashers construction really did a number on ours. 

And of course, through all of this, our little man was having a ball.  He’s embarrassingly well known at our local Home Depot, and many of the workers there know him by name.  Those who don’t say, “Hey Buddy, “ to which unfortunately the Hubs taught him to respond, “I’m not your Buddy, Buddy.”  Jay thinks it’s hilarious.  Boys. 

Seriously though, I think the marketing geniuses at Home Depot figured out that if you make the kids happy in the store, parents will stay longer and therefore spend more. You’d think we were at a carnival or something.  There was popcorn:

And balloons:

And even stickers:

Which is pretty much the happiness trifecta for our little munchkin.  And speaking of happiness, about the best thing I’ve seen ever was this woman hula hooping in the parking lot on our way out. 

Girl wasn’t messing around.  She had multiple hoops, and was working it out big time, all by herself in the lot.  Maybe Home Depot is a carnival after all.  Now all we have to do is get to work on the installation.  More to come!

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