October 28, 2011

Baby Steps

Sometimes, it's the little things.  Like when you toss a bunch of stuff in a cabinet when you are unpacking.  All the while, you know it's a mess.  You know you should spend more time putting it away the right way, but all you want is the boxes empty and out of your house.  So you throw things in unorganized and chaotic, and you promise yourself you'll come back in a few days to organize. 

And then six months go by.

This is my baking cupboard.  When I'm not building, fixing or working, I'm pretty crazy about cooking and baking, especially natural and healthy foods for my family.  This cupboard is full of every type of wheat germ, flax seed, etc...

Every time I opened the cupboard I would get anxiety.  I'd promise to organize it the next time I had 5 minutes.  Months went by. And then finally, I did. 

Ahhh sweet organization.  Sometimes, it's the little things.


  1. Don't forget to keep your wheat germ and flaxseed in the fridge. Both go rancid pretty quickly (especially the flaxseed, those omega-3s are pretty unstable!). Looks great, tho!

  2. Seriously? How did I not know that? I just checked on my labels and neither says anything about keeping the product refrigerated. Thank you so much for sharing Carrie!