November 17, 2011

Have I Mentioned that I Hate Heights?

Talk about your all time back fires.  One thing I never considered when moving into this house is the crazy high heights.  First there was the painting of the Living Room and Loft.

Looking down the steps from the top of the Loft
My Dad helping me paint the super high peak of the Loft.  I was taking a break to breath into a bag.

 And then there was taking the shades off the windows of our Master Bedroom.  I nearly fell, and my life flashed before my eyes.  Stop laughing.

And of course removing the blinds from our trapezoid window.

Smiling while I shake in terror.
And then there's the gutters that I've been trying to put up at my house for weeks, but I'm too big of a scaredy-cat to actually do it.  (For the record, the Hubs is totally scared too.)

I mean, I can't even change a lightbulb around here without my life flashing before my eyes.

 Imagine me standing on the very top rung of this ladder unscrewing a light
bulbs while repeating over and over, "I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay...

At least I had a chance to dust the fan while I was up there, which I'm certain hasn't been touched in years.  Probably because you need a 20 foot ladder to reach it.

You'd think it would be getting easier, but I think it's getting more traumatizing each time.  I'll fill you all in about the gutters once I finally get up the courage to tackle that project.  And if I live to tell the tale...


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  2. Genius! Now if it could only change my gutters.