November 15, 2011

#179- Our Little Loo

Let's just say that 4 months after our Bath Crashers experience, I'm getting a little anxious about living in this unfinished room.  I mean, if you read this blog with any frequency, you know us, and we don't do unfinished projects very well.  So it's pretty hilarious when you think that the 3 day bathroom remodel is our single longest running project in our house.  

Har.  Har.

So while I spent some time creating new lights over the weekend, I also took a few minutes to spruce up the toilet room. It's not a large space, but it felt very bare and unfinished, even after the wall gallery of quotes I hung up a few months ago.  So I scrounged up a few things.

I received the fun vase from my Brother and Sister-in-Law for my birthday, and even though I know I could have, and should have sprayed branches from my back lot with white spray paint, I bought this bunch at Home Depot for $6.  Sue me.  The bath mat rug came from my amazing Ikea Mystery Cart awhile back.  What's that you say?  Well, it was pretty much my best Ikea purchase ever.

You thought I was joking, didn't you?  Nope, it was an "As-Is Mystery Cart", and I assure you it was real.  The cart was covered with a feather duvet and then wrapped with plastic all around so that you couldn't really see what was inside.  I did get a glance at a pitcher I had my eyes on earlier, and between that the and duvet alone I figured the cart was worth the $30.  Jason was absolutely ashamed to be with me, and could only manage to blurt out, "Really Erin?  Really?"  But the other Ikea customers seemed as jazzed about it as I was.  People in line kept asking me about it, and there was a whole line of gawkers waiting for me to open the wrap once we purchased.  I can't even begin to list everything that was in there, but from a duvet cover and pillow cases, storage boxes, wrapping paper, candles, clocks, picture frames, curtain panels... this baby was filled with a ton of stuff, 90% of which I was thrilled to get.  Well worth my $30.  It's true what they say, life rewards the risk takers.

 I also framed up the Manifesto Poster by Holestee, which I personally think is the best thing I could possibly look at the moment I open my eyes every morning and the just before I go to sleep at night.

What can I say- we find our inspiration on the John.   It helps that our John as heated water running through the seat, a warm water cleanse, dryer, automatic flush and automatic seat close.  Who wouldn't be inspired?

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