September 14, 2011

Words to Live By...

I know, I know, you get it already.  I love Pinterest.  It's an obsession, and I have a problem.  But it was also the inspiration for my latest project.  It started when I kept coming across awesome quotes there.  Some inspirational, some humor, and others romantic in nature, all of which gave me a new perspective and made me feel better about my day.  I started a new board, "Things I should have said..."and would visit this spot whenever I needed a little attitude adjustment.  It wasn't until I was sitting in my incredibly bare toilet room in our new Master Bathroom from Bath Crashers trying to figure out what I would do with this small yet boring space that I had the epiphany. 

I mean what better place to find inspiration than the place you likely start and end each day?  Not to mention one of the few places you're not distracted by other people, work or phones.  (And if you're one of those people that brings your phone into the bathroom with you, please, for the love of God, stop.  Not only do I not want to hear you, or suspect I hear you doing your business on the other end of the line, because that's gross enough.  But think about it people, this is something that you hold with you hand, and then place on your face.  Specifically your mouth and your ear.  Do you really want to do that between the business and the hand washing?  Really? )  Ok- off soap box.

So I dug through our Exercise Room place where decor and junk sit and wait for the big call-up, and found a series of picture frames that used to hold a bunch of wedding photos.  Since we don't really have a place for the wedding montage in The Lodge, I decided to re-purpose these for my new inspiration wall.

I still have some more work to do in this room, I'm considering painting stripes in a slightly shinier finish, laying down a soft floor rug and maybe adding a plant of some sort, but this is a good start.  Looking at it now I probably want to add some more items too, not quotes but other non-picture items that will break this up a bit.  Here's a close up on what inspired me.

It's not done yet, but I'll keep you posted as this room progresses.  It's certainly not a first priority, as there are very few people that will ever set foot in this room (although it is always a stop on the tour thanks to the super fancy toilet Bath Crashers installed with the heated seats, "front and rear cleanse" and the automatic flush and lid close.)  It's nice to add a little personal, albeit quirky touch to this space though to really make this place our own.  It's been almost 5 months now, and even though we still have a lot of work to do, we're finally starting to feel comfortable here.


  1. love the quotes!

  2. Erin....did you just print these of your personal computer, or did you take them to kinko's? the idea!


  3. I sent them to Costco and printed them as matte photos. They have the best prices, especially on large format photos.