December 5, 2011

Bathroom Closet Doors

I've got good news, and it rhymes with Pauseit Moores.  We are finally getting doors for these closets that Bath Crashers installed!

As you may remember, even back as they were putting this room together, I started asking the question, "You guys are going to put doors on those closets, right?" And I kept getting the answer, "Oh yeah, of course, we've got a plan."  But when the camera crews left, it looked like this:

Which might have been fine while they were empty, but as you can see, now look like a hot mess with all my stuff in them.

So for the past few months you've heard me again and again crossing my fingers about these doors, and here's why.  I was trying really hard to walk a fine line, I wanted to make sure my producers knew how grateful we were to be apart of the project, so we didn't want to bug them.  But the response from them took a long time, and I didn't want them to forget about us either.  They were working with various materials suppliers and contractors trying to get them to donate the products and time, and no one was biting. In the meantime, I was trying to be super helpful, and even used my best builder skills to draw up these plans to help move the project forward.

My producers liked the plans, but that shaded gray area was supposed to be frosted glass, and after shopping quotes on tempered glass that met code, my cheapest price was $2600.  Dollars. Yep.  That was way more than we had all bargained for.

So we were back to the drawing board, and another few months of them going back and forth with contractors and vendors.  And finally, a week ago, they reached out to me with two options.  A.) Our contractor could build shoji screen doors, or B.) They would give us $500 to build the doors ourselves.  While I love the idea of a contractor doing the work for us, we weren't thrilled with delicate rice paper on the doors, especially in an area with so much traffic and moisture.  So we took the gamble, and took the cash.

So what's the plan you ask?  Well, first I headed to Ikea to see if I could buy sliding doors from their wardrobes, but their was nothing that would fit our size.  But I did come across these in the kitchen department, which they have in an 24" x 80", and 15" x 80" size.

  While that's still not big enough, I've created a plan where I can border these glass doors with dark wood to make them fit the size.  Here's how it will look:

I've already picked up the glass doors, so now I just need to pick up the wood and order the hardware.  Expect more details to come.  I getting really excited to finally, FINALLY finish up this room.  More to come.


  1. It's too bad the show didn't follow up and finish the work themselves, but everyone knows you'll do an even better job. And it's not like you have anything else to do, right? In lieu of creating closet doors this weekend, we baked cookies and decorated the tree and then ate cookies.


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  3. YAY! Finally!! I can't wait to see them up!

  4. AnonymousJuly 31, 2013

    Read all of this hoping to see what you came up with as I'm looking to do something similar. Isn't that why folks blog these adventures? To inform/inspire others?
    Well, it's over a year now, but alas, no pictures, no finish.

    1. Sure there are- 4 posts worth actually! :) Here's the reveal post: