December 2, 2011

#144- Gym, Tan, Blog Post.

By Jason.  (The Hubs)

Erin is taking a break from posting today, so you'll have to sip your morning coffee while reading about my soon-to-be gigantic muscles.

There's a room in our house that neither of us were too proud of. In fact, I'm surprised a TV crew from A&E's hoarders didn't show up with their cameras and staff psychologists. Remember this?

I've had a grand vision of turning this room into a home gym before we even purchased the house.

So, the other day I decided to get started. I began by clearing the place out. And yes, I realize the photo below still has two bar stools, a box of mystery items and several picture frames sitting on the floor. It will take some time to completely clear it out. Hoarding is a disease people!

Check out these walls. They look like someone wiped year's worth of boogers on them.

And don't get me started on the gold outlet covers.

Or the ghetto fabulous vertical blinds.

I know what you're thinking. "How is a guy supposed to get seven minute abs in a room with vertical blinds and booger covered walls?" No worries.

Blinds; gone.

Walls; covered in fresh swagger-colored paint.

Up next; tearing out the carpeting for some new foam gym flooring, which I've already ordered from I ended up going with 1/2" thick EVA interlocking puzzle mats. They're not quite as nice a commercial rubber flooring, but I think they will be a great alternative based on reviews I've read. More to come on that.

We don't yet know exactly what equipment will go in our new home gym/fitness center/muscle factory. Maybe our treadmill and a power rack with a nice weight set. Or maybe just a life-sized cardboard cutout of Chuck Norris. Either way, we'll be cut like diamonds. Come at us, bro. 


  1. I feel like you may need a mirror in that gym for the spontanious flexoffs that you tend to get yourself into :)

  2. I'm with you Morgan. We plan to steal the big one from either the Main Bath or Downstairs Bath when we remodel so that Hubs can always keep one eye on his guns. :)

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