January 12, 2012

#149- The Muscle Factory

After we cleaned up the 5th bedroom, painted it, laid new gym mat floors and painted the trim, it was time to get our fitness on.  But first, we needed some equipment.

The problem, we quickly found is that workout equipment is expensive.  Suuuriously.  Luckily we brought a treadmill about 4 years back that is still in great shape since we really only use it during the winter months and run outdoors in the summer.  (With 4-5 months of snow in Minnesota, this thing pays for itself.)  But the Hubs not only wanted to get his cardio on, but his Lift too.  Which required some big metal contraption that he called a “rack.”  So naturally, the Hubs started searching the internet furiously in search of the perfect rack.  Yep- that just happened.  

While new ones were in the $500 range, we found a few people on Craigslist willing to sell us their rack for around $200.  (You heard me.)  We just weren’t willing to fork over the money though, which was great because less than a week later we found one on the site for F-R-E-E.  The guy was moving and just wanted it out of the house as soon as possible.  Score one Team Cheapo!

We also took down the mirror from the Downstairs Bathroom and plan to hang this up on the wall behind the rack.  Eventually...

We also found this set of weights, and the stand to store them on for just $90 on Craiglist. 

Doesn't look like we could do some serious damage down here now?

 The Hubs wants me to tell you that he thinks our little tube TV mounted up there is embarrassing, and that he thinks I’m dumb for hanging it.  I think we had them both and Free=Awesome.  I mean I spent 4 years of college with that little guy.   I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to break it though so that he could justify the purchase of a new, small, HD flat screen.

The big sliding glass door helps too because it not only provides a ton of natural light, but I can open the door while running to get in some cold winter air.

I feel so spoiled that we have this whole room just for the purpose of working out. It may be my favorite bonus room, well, maybe right behind the Screened In Porch... or the Loft.  Man, I'm really starting to love this big dump of ours.

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